Information Gateway to “ Nagenahira Navodaya”

(May 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has decided to launch the website as the international information gateway to the Eastern Revival Programme that includes a wide spectrum of social outreach programmes such as resettlement of internally displaced people, landmine clearance, rehabilitation and awareness programmes as well as massive infrastructure development projects such as new road networks, bridges, ports, power plants, electricity distribution networks, hospitals, schools, and etc.

The total budgeted investment for three years ending 2010 is Rs. 197,219 million (~US$ 1840 million). Therefore, this programme will open up an unprecedented volume of opportunities for investors to move to the geographically strategic Eastern province of Sri Lanka. Under the Eastern Revival Programme, investors will enjoy up to 20 years of TAX holidays, lands under special concessionary schemes, and a wide range of other benefits.

Investors, volunteers, and other non-Government partners can submit their proposals and ideas through a very convenient on-line form available on the above website. These proposals will be evaluated by a professional panel comprising of experts from the Eastern University and other universities in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we guarantee that your proposals and ideas will be treated professionally and speedy action will be taken to materialize those selected ones based on their merit.

The Government will utilize the above web site to provide updated information about the developments in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka under a very transparent framework so that interested parties can take timely informed decisions and communicate with the authorities through fast channels such as web-forms, emails, and faxes. The Government believes that this will dramatically improve the efficiency of the mammoth development drive in the East.

We kindly urge all media to contribute to help the people in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka by giving publicity to the above website that will function as one of the nerve centers of the Government’s information exchange mechanism regarding the above development drive.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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