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Unaffordable tickets for shady Iilayarajah’s ‘King of King’ event taking a disastrous course

| by Our London Correspondent

( August 18, 2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) According exclusive report filed by the social media tamilzl.com, the much publicised ‘Rajathi-Rajah’ (King of King) musical show to be presented by the controversial composer Ilaiyarah in London on the 24 August 2013 at the O2 Arena is expected to be a failure as very few tickets have been sold so far despite heavy media campaign by the organisers.

Ilayaraja and Kamalahasan

The cost of the event is said to be skyrocketing with special guests like the Tamil cine actor Kamalahasan being hurriedly induced to boost the ticket sales. Despite the relentless campaign, the tickets are not moving as anticipated.

The organisers intension of giving VVIP and VIP status to those buying tickets for £250 and £150 respectively, irrespective of their personal status and without any consideration of affordability of those interested in such event is said to be one of the failures. With the high cost of living, an average person can only earn approximately £250 to £300 per week. Sacrificing a week’s labour for such an event having regard to cost of living consideration is a simple calculation the organisers failed to consider. For those who are on the meagre state benefits and receiving state pension, even the cheapest £50 ticket is unaffordable.

When I spoke to several persons about the event, not one showed any interest in the programme. The general response was ‘Even £50 is expensive. Who the hell will spend such a big amount?’.

The cost of the event for the organisers is enormous. With the large sums paid to Iilayarajah and the special guests cost for their relatives and friends travelling with them too have to be met. The cost involved are first class air tickets, five star hotel accommodations and similar expenses at a lower scale for the band wagon accompanying them. The 02 Arena hire charges is said to be over £100,000 and they have to pay further cost for sound system, security, video recording etc. The cost is further compounded with relentless advertising campaign in the Tamil TV, radio and print media. These media are constrained as a result of taking the advertisements to openly report on the state affairs of the event or the financial scandals involving the controversial Ilaiyarajah.

According to tamizl.com, Ilayarajah has become a major liability due to his current unpopularity in not producing hits in the recent years. He is undertaking international tours to out-beat his main rival A R Rahuman, but is unable to make it, due to his arrogant and unsympathetic attitude towards the Eelam Tamils.

It is widely known Ilaiyarajah’s sons failed marriage to a Sri Lankan Tamil girl was short lived. The father in law is said to blamed for the failure.

The revelation about siphoning off funds of ‘Thiruvasagam in symphony’, project is said to have had serious consequence as the news have been widely read in the social media.

Tamizl.com claimed Ilaiyarah’s conduct at a similar event in Canada recently was very insensitive as he turned up for the programme two hours late. The event in Canada only attracted few people. It claims that the event in London too may be cancelled in the last minute to mitigate the losses for the organisers.

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