Rajapakse Ancestry

( September 16, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Rajapaksa is a 'name' that the British Raj gave to people that did a good job in Negombo/ Seeduwa area, close to Katunayake.

The same way the British did, give fancy names to people in the Hill country and South, that did a good job!

Rajapaksa's are born Catholics of Malaccan origin (this explains the strong 'gob looking' Mongoloid phenotype features in all of them).

His father's name was Don Alwin Rajapaksa. His son (the President now) is Percy Mahinda. They 'converted' their Religious belief's to gain Political mileage.

This was no different to SWRD and JRJ, who were all from strict Christian backgrounds and converted to exhibit Sinhala Buddhist Extremism to gain Public Popularity. (Goes to show the basic insincerity and the manipulative methods used to gain power!)

The Rajapaksa family is now one of Sri Lanka's most powerful families in the land.

Led by President Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa, all his 'kith and kin' now occupy senior positions in the Sri Lankan state.

The family controls around 70% of the national budget.

The Rajapaksa family, originally from Seeduwa/ Negombo later migrated with their Malaccan Catholic ancestors to the villages of Sippukulam and Giruwapattuwa in the southern district of Hampanthottam (now known as Hambantota).

Their Malaccan relatives were banished by Islamic Rulers of Malacca for helping the Portuguese conquest of Malacca.

They were feared, and known for their brutality and ruthlessness.((nothing seems to have changed!)

The Malaccan family forcibly possessed fertile paddy fields and coconut lands belonging to natives, (nothing seems to have changed!) by enforcing their brutality through rape and murder.(nothing has changed!)

Some of the residum of the Malaccan Catholic relatives remain in the Seeduwa/ Negombo area, such as the Lansa Family (no relation of Mario Lansa??!!) of Negombo who are cousins of the Rajapaksa's.

Members of one section the of the Southern migrant Malaccan family's later converted to Islam to blend with the Muslims of Malay and Arab descent, in order to receive trade benefits and credit from Muslim traders who monopolized the southern trading ports of Galle and Hampanthottam (now known as Hambantota). (p.s. History repeats itself- this time, with the 'Chinks' as well??!!)

The others entered into Village politics.

One of its members- Don David Rajapaksa, held the feudal post of Vidanarachchi in Ihala Valikada Korale.

The family entered the political scene by first feigning their Religious beliefs aligning more to the majority inhabitants beliefs of Theravada Buddhism!

Thereafter, Don David Rajapaksa's son Don Mathew Rajapaksa was elected in 1936 to represent Hambantota district in the State Council.

Don Mathew died in 1945 and at the resulting by-election his brother, Don Alwin Rajapaksa was elected without a contest. At the 1947 parliamentary election two members of the family were elected to represent both of the constituencies in Hambantota district.

Don Alwin Rajapaksa was elected MP for Beliatta and Lakshman Rajapaksa (Don Mathew's son) was elected MP for Hambantota.They yet maintained the subtlety of their staunch Catholic beliefs but appearing to be Buddhists on the outside!

The Rajapaksas continued to dominate politics in Hambantota district for next three decades with two other members of the family (George Rajapaksa and Mahinda Rajapaksa) also entering parliament.

The Rajapaksas were represented in the country's legislatures continuously from 1936 till 1977.

The family wasn't represented in parliament after the UNP landslide at the 1977 parliamentary election.

The Indo-Lanka Accord shed light on the Rajapaksa family to adopt a more headlined" Sinhala Buddhist" policy.

This helped the Rajapaksa family to re-emerge as the dominant political force, in Hambantota district, when Mahinda and his brother Chamal Rajapaksa were elected in 1989 to represent Hambantota Electoral District.

They were later joined by Nirupama Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa and Namal Rajapaksa.

Although the Rajapaksas had dominated politics in the Hambantota district, Nationally, politics were dominated by other families (Senanayake's, Wijewardena's and Bandaranaike's - also hypocrites of Christian origin).

With the country having faced more than two decades of war (made even worse by the 'Hoodlums of the JVP), the Presidential Candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa opted to take the more radical Sinhala Buddhist extremist path.

He was opposed to Ranil Wickramasinghe, who had already created resentment from the Sinhala Buddhist majority and was considered to be 'light veined' and pro- Western.

This paid off well in 2005, when Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected President.

There are claims that in the 2005 and consecutive Presidential Elections his Victory was bequeathed by the sordid tales of manipulation, thuggery and corrupt malpractices.

None of these allegation were proved, leaving them only as "tales of the disappointed", although many still believe the contrary!

Since then, members of his family have been appointed to senior political positions.

Immediately after being elected President, Mahinda appointed his brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as Defence Secretary (the most senior civil service position in the Ministry of Defence).

Another brother, Basil Rajapaksa, was appointed Senior Presidential Advisor and later Minister of Economic Development.

Between them the three Rajapaksa brothers are in charge of five government ministries: Defence & Urban Development, Economic Development, Finance & Planning, Highways and Ports & Aviation.

This means that they directly control 70% of the national budget.

None of these relations had the decency, honour or self respect to decline accepting these 'high offices' if only to squash the obvious embarrassing 'accusations' that followed by the thousands.

They went on to acquire colossal amounts of wealth.

The Rajapaksa's deny having control over such amounts!( Naturally!)
Numerous other members of the 'extended family' have also been appointed to senior positions of the state.

The entire family seems "set for life"!!

After the successful 'wiping out' of the murderous Northern terrorists (also known for their brutality and ruthlessness), he empowered his Military brother to be in charge of Defence, and begin to infiltrate into the 'Urban Development Authority' (UDA), which has inexplicable 'Land
powers', to override even the Judiciary of the country!

The accumulation of so much power and wealth by just one family, has inevitably led to the belief of blatant nepotism.

Incidentally, the UDA was formed initially, by the former President Premadasa when he was Prime Minister, and placed under his direct purview a notoriously corrupt civil servant named Paskaralingam! (pundi koottee)

Since then, the UDA has always been a powerful 'control weapon' of the Head
of state.

Now the majority of the country, completely ignorant of facts and honest information, act like 'lambs to slaughter', under the command and discretion of the Rajapaksa family.

To enhance their so called 'power' they have recruited former menials,ex-cattle thieves, illicit alcohol brewers and "father unknown" village thugs, to execute matters of 'law' summarily!

All this whilst the country enjoys a reputation of having the" best Police
Force in the world- that money can buy" !!!!

Now, the UDA is alleged to be forcibly acquiring Private and State Property and transferring them on to questionable tri-pâté agreements to their own family members and their 'foot and mouth' soldiers!!

Re-living their ancestral history of conquering the deep south, and now the whole nation!

Let us all sincerely hope that the "wheels of Karma would turn slowly, but surely"!