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Innocent Tamils flee from LTTE dominated Wanni

In the developments of the present day scenario of fleeing innocent Tamils from the clutches of LTTE, the recent incident was that a family lived for a long time in LTTE dominated un-cleared areas in Vanni arrived by sea around 05:30 hrs on 08th August even despairingly of their lives seeking refuge in the government controlled areas especially in the naval controlled areas.

Initially a naval crew of a fast attack craft observed a movement of a dinghy close to land flying an NGO flag. Then the crew took those persons who comprised of one family into their custody which resulted in unfolding the miserable story of theirs.

According to them, the life in the un-cleared area is so miserable that they are being incarcerated by LTTE cadres demanding taxes, ransom and demanding at least one child from each and every family. Their motive was to evade the forced conscription of the younger boy of the family who was approximately seventeen (17) years old.

The family was thereafter brought ashore and transferred to the naval base where they were given temporary shelter and comfort until they select a place of their choice to settle. Their request for the government was to liberate the Vanni area in the similar way that government forces liberated the eastern province.

This incident should be an eye opener for the humanitarian organisations and NGO lobby to look at how the people are suffering in the un-cleared areas.

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