Our Team



 Eric Bailey 
Editor in Chief ( English Edition)

Eric Bailey is the Editor in Chief of Sri Lanka Guardian. He is a historian based in Texas, USA. He writes on Sri Lanka and International affairs. Reach him at eb@srilankaguardian.org and eric.bailey21@gmail.com  or editor@slguardian.org

Windya Gamlath
Editor in Chief ( Sinhala Edition)

Windya Gamlath is Editor of Sri Lanka Guardian’s Sinhala edition. She has completed MSSC in Mass Communications in the University of Kelaniya.  She holds a BA Degree in Mass Communications (Special) from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. Reach her at editor@slguardian.org



Osita Ebiem

Osita Ebiem is our special correspondent on African Continent. He is a rights activist based in New York City. He writes about and calls attention to the Biafran genocide. From time to time he writes on issues in Africa south of the Sahara.  Reach him at ositaebiem@yahoo.com


Sandaruwan is a journalist and digital media specialist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He writes on literature, history and social issues. He is studying for a bachelor in the University of Kelaniya. 



Laksiri Fernando, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, is a specialist on human rights having completed his PhD on the subject at the University of Sydney. His major books include, Human Rights, Politics and States in Burma, Cambodia and Sri Lanka; A Political Science Approach to Human Rights; Academic Freedom 1990; Police Civil Relations for Good Governance; Sri Lanka’s Ethnic Conflict in the Global Context among others. Having served as Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS Colombo), he is a promoter of post graduate studies. 

Ron Jacobs is the author of  All the Sinners, Saints. He is also the author of The Way the Wind Blew: a History of the Weather Underground and Short Order Frame Up and The Co-Conspirator’s Tale. Jacobs’ essay on Big Bill Broonzy is featured in CounterPunch’s collection on music, art and sex, Serpents in the Garden. His third novel All the Sinners Saints is a companion to the previous two and is due out in April 2013. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion, published by AK Press.

Lauren Glenmere is a British human rights researcher and writer. She has conducted research activities throughout the world on respect for human rights and the rule of law. Her work primarily focuses on the use of torture, women’s rights policies and social justice. She holds a M.A. (Hons) in International Relations from the University of St Andrews and the Institut d’études politiques de Paris.

Sergei Golubok is Partner with Iusland Law Offices in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a member of the St. Petersburg Bar Association with specialization in international human rights law. He has appeared before the Russian courts, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, and litigated successfully before the European Court of Human Rights, the Human Rights Committee, and the Committee against Torture against the Russian Federation and other post-Soviet States. 




 Victor Karunairajan 
Founding Member

Victor Karunairajan, a journalist who started work with the Sun newspaper, one of the oldest newspapers in Sri Lanka, and then he moved from country to country. He passed through several continents until he settled down in a small city in Canada. Victor passed away in 2014)

Nilantha Ilangamuwa
Founding Editor( 2007-2018)

Nilantha Ilanguamuwa, former editor of Sri Lanka Guardian ( served from 2007 August to 2018 July 31). During his more than ten years of journalism, he worked with several media institutes. His articles have been published in various newspapers and websites around the Globe. He is one of the founding members of the Sri Lanka Guardian.

S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole was an Editorial Adviser of Sri Lanka Guardian from 2010-2018. He is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Michigan State University. Before fled the country due to political reasons, he was serving as the vice-chancellor of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He is a member of the Election Commission in Sri Lanka.   

Lionel Bopage was an Editorial Adviser of Sri Lanka Guardian from 2010-2018. He is a passionate and independent activist, who has advocated and struggled for social justice, a fair-go and equity of opportunity for the oppressed in the world, where absolute uniformism, consumerism and maximisation of profit have become the predominant social values of humanity. Lionel was formerly a General Secretary of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP – Peoples’ Liberation Front) in Sri Lanka, and he now lives in exile in Australia.