Tiger’s proxies playing with World

Photo: LTTE Tharisanam TV head S. Karunalingam third from left wearing black suit and grey tie at a LTTE demonstration in London last year.
By N Krishnamoorthy, Newark, USA

Ordinary peace loving Sri Lankans living in Australia should urge the Australian government to ban the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) ahead of the forthcoming "International Counter Terrorism Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka to be held on 18-20 October 2007 as announced by our Foreign Minister Mr. Rohitha Bogollagama.

The LTTE should be banned outright in Australia and its main fundraisers and arms smugglers in Australia such as Charles Gnanakone prosecuted under the country's Anti-Terrorism laws similar to the fate of the LTTE's A C Shanthan and Golden Lambert in London by the British government.

According to EROS sources in London, "The more pressure the international governments put on the LTTE the better and the LTTE leadership needs to know that fund raising for its military campaign against the Sri Lankan governments armed forces will not be tolerated under government terrorism laws of different countries around the world".

We should call upon the American law enforcement authorities to prosecute Charles Gnankone's brother Jayantha Gnanakone based in the USA who is also an arms smuggler and chief fundraiser for the LTTE. Many political organisations in Europe and Canada and Human Rights groups have been actively targeting the LTTE's international support network. Their main objective has been to educate the Sri Lankan Tamil speaking Diaspora on issues relating to resolving the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka in a democratic and pragmatic way and helping towards alienating the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora from the LTTE.