Sri Lanka under Self nourishing, tyrannical and most corrupt regime - Thalatha Athukorale

(October, 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka Main Opposition United National Party Parliamentarian Thalatha Athukorale she also wife of late well known politician Gamini Athukorale , addressing a Media briefing at the UNP media office on today referring to the 89 page Mahinda Chintana and its promises, asked how many of them have been fulfilled by this Rajapakse Administration after it took over reins ?

She said, this is the first time a Govt. has failed so miserably as this regime to fulfill the promises made at elections. The most tragic and worst thing that ever happened to this country is the advent of this self nourishing, tyrannical and most corrupt regime.

The previous Govts. May have only failed to keep its promises, but, this Govt. is worst, doing everything that is diametrically opposite to what it promised. It promised to specially look after mothers and younger generation. But, what has happened now? Mothers and children are undernourished for want of food. Children’s education is utterly messed up. Their annual supply of free books is stopped .A child cannot be admitted to school as proper suitable education policies are non -existent .Price hikes are made on essential commodities by the hour burdening the people.

The President has no time or money to solve the people’s problems, but, he has enough time and money to go on Jumbo jaunts and futile tours. Would you believe that he has spent over Rs.7000 million of tax payers’ money on his foreign tours? She asked.

However, the Govt. has no money for the children’s school books, or to reduce the price of milk foods, the only nourishment available for mothers and children.

The President’s full preoccupation now is to protect and nourish himself, his family and his largest Cabinet in the World at the expense of the common man by raising taxes, cost of living and price hikes, while looking for methods, fair or foul to perpetuate his evil rule and position.

In the 2008 budget, allocations for the President‘s Office has doubled while the allocations towards the several Ministries under him have also been monumentally increased without any explanation as to what they will be utilised for. From this it is very evident, that it is the people who are toiling to oil and maintain the President’s mahinery and his Cabinet, when it should be the other way about, as elected representatives of the people.