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Sri Lanka concludes an Extradition Treaty with Turkey

(February 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) “Sri Lanka successfully concluded a bilateral Extradition Treaty with Turkey recently in Ankara. Sri Lanka delegation comprised Dr. Rohan Perera, P.C., Legal Advisor/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Palitha Fernando, P.C., Additional Solicitor General/Attorney General’s Department,” according to official statement released by the Foreign Ministry in Colombo on today.

The Extradition Treaty provides for extradition of fugitive offenders who are wanted for prosecution, trial, imposition or enforcement of a sentence in either country. Offences punishable under the laws in both Contracting Parties by deprivation of liberty for a period of more than one year or by a more severe penalty, are made extraditable offences under the Treaty.

“The Extradition Treaty places particular emphasis on terrorist related offences. While extradition could be denied, if the offence for which extradition is sought is a “political offence”, in keeping with the general laws of extradition, the Treaty makes specific exceptions, inter-alia, in respect of terrorist related offences. These include offences pursuant to international agreements to which Sri Lanka and Turkey are parties, such as the International Conventions on Suppression of Terrorism which establish the obligation to extradite or prosecute, and offences constituted by taking or endangering the life of a person, being an offence committed in circumstances in which such conduct creates a collective danger, whether direct or indirect, to the lives of other persons. Thus terrorist related offences are made extraditable, irrespective of any political motivation that may be present, in relation to such offences,” the statement said.

The draft Extradition Treaty also provides, inter-alia, for:

Extradition procedure and the required documents for extradition;
Provisional arrest pending a request for extradition
Surrender of property in connection with an extradition offence.

The Extradition treaty is expected to be formally signed by Sri Lanka and Turkey during a high level visit, once the internal formalities are completed.

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