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Memorial meeting condemn LTTE murder

(June 08, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) A memorial meeting for the murdered human rights campaigner Maheswary Valautham was held on 7th Of June 2008 – Saturday, Quakers Meeting House, Bush Road, Wanstead, London, E11 3AU. Over one hundred prominent Tamil activists including LTTE sympathisers participated in the meeting.

Speakers after speakers condemned the murder and blamed the LTTE bandits for her death and urged the importance of ending the guns dictating the politics in Sri Lanka. Late Maheswary Valauthan was praised for her yeoman service in providing legal, social and voluntary help for many Tamils held in the southern prisons under the emergency and terrorism law in Sri Lanka. The speakers condemned the LTTE for its dastardly act and said Maheswary Valautham helped many Tamils without thinking of political divide and LTTE benefited from her work.

The Deputy Mayor of Newham, Councillor Paul Sathiyanesan was hackled by the audience for expressing pro-LTTE sentiments at the meeting. He attempted to disassociate the LTTE for the killing.

EROS’s breakaway faction headed by Kudumbi Ravi which openly campaign for the LTTE, elongated the LTTE as a genuine liberation force. When he realized that his comments were unpalatable for the audience he apologized for speaking like that.

The Tamil Information Centre which benefited from the work of Maheswary Velautham informed the organizers of the event that they cannot attend as the meeting will condemn the LTTE. Maheswary Valautham was one of the founder members of the Tamil Information Centre. Founder Chairman of Tamil Information Centre Kandasamy was killed by the LTTE in the late 1980’s.

The memorial meeting was jointly organized by the ‘Thesam’ Tamil journal and Mrs Rajes Balasubramaniam.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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