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Sri Lanka - on the road to perdition.....?

(June 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is becoming increasingly evident based on the events unfolding all around, that the Sri Lankan Govt. is fighting only one war , that is ,against the terrorists, but it is the people of Sri Lanka who are fighting two wars : a war against alleged Govt. apathy towards them , and a war against LTTE atrocity !

It is clear that the war that was earlier confined to the North is now fast engulfing the whole country judging on the bomb explosions and killings targeting politicians and innocent civilians which have reached alarming proportions since of late.

Just within the last two months there have been several carnages of innocent civilians with the Govt. seemingly unable to do anything to curb or control them.

Apart from these LTTE atrocities, the people are also to bear the brunt of every hardship, burden, tariff and price hike ruthlessly imposed on the people by the Govt. excusing itself on the so called war. The Govt. raised the fuel price for the 14th time within the two and half years of its tenure in office recently, creating a record! So have almost all commodity prices been steeply raised. In fact, as prices stand now, every commodity price has reached record level in Sri Lanka’s history!

Indeed, it is the consensus of all who endure because they have no cure that this war is saving Prabha who will lose his place in the sun if he finishes the war. Similarly, is this protracted war also saving the Govt. Which will have no excuse to offer for its alleged economic bungling, profligate expenditures and Media suppression wreaking havoc on the country and people?
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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