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Time To Tame The Regime -UNP

(June 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Lakshman Kiriella, UNP M.P. speaking to the Media persons in Colombo at the Praty head quarters on today (26 Jun), asked how this Govt. can so ruthlessly think of spending (wasting) Rs. 2800 million on the SAARC summit to be held shortly , without providing relief to the flood victims ( Vasudeva Nanayakkara , the Municipal Council Opposition Leader ,recently accused the Govt. of having not spent any money for flood victims !)

Who are in deep distress, and while the whole country is strangled by poverty so much so that an average wage earner is hard put even to have a single square meal per day. The only gain from this summit is that the 120 luxury vehicles at colossal cost, reportedly being imported will be added to the Ministerial fleet of vehicles after the SAARC!

Comparing the Rajapakse Govt.`s SAARC with the Tokyo Summit convened when Ranil Wickremesinghe was the Prime Minister where 62 countries participated , Kiriella said , the UNP was able to rake in Rs. 450,000 million ! for the country’s benefit following the summit. This Govt. On the other hand is throttling the people by all kinds of burdens, taxes and price hikes to spend on the summit, he lamented.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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