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What choice did the buffaloes seek?

A short story with a tiny little message by Victor Karunairajan

(June 18, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) Two buffaloes broke away from their herd and took the track eastwards because they espied a pack of she-buffaloes grazing on the green, green grass along a river bank. There was nothing wrong with the grass on their side but the added attraction was the fun potential there and all the opportunity for a great deal of frisky and frolicsome adventure. They were also joined by a few younger males not for the grass but for the pleasure of dancing with the females.

Buffaloes being buffaloes, they did not even for a moment give a small thought about leaving their well managed dairy farm and steal into the opposite one that had too many females. Just as they expected, led by the adult ones in the peak of their male-hood, they had a rollicking time.

It was a very large mountainous area and its mid-regions were ideal of livestock farming. Surrounded by valleys and waterfalls, each farm was hundreds of acres in extent and the farm workers used vehicles such as tractors to manage their lands. If a few buffaloes were missing from a particular herd it would take a little while to realize the loss.

What the buffaloes that deserted their well catered and well looked after dairy farm never realized was that the farm that had a large but mostly female of the species was owned by cattle rustlers. They used the young females to attract males from other herds. No sooner some choice ones moved in, they trapped and packed them off to the slaughter house.

It was not only the grass was greener on the other side or so it seemed, but there was so much attraction that was too tempting for the stupid ruminants who also led some of the younger males astray.

Greenbacks may be attractive to us and all that it can help to obtain to dramatically dazzle and blaze in glory but of what gain are they if the price we eventually pay is not everlasting life but the hell of utter perdition?
There are too many independent religious sects, some quite fundamentalist and even fanatical and a few breakaways from established institutions of worship that are being attracted away from their well nurtured, nourished and cherished roots. These have hardly anything to do with canons and creeds but to such the grass seem greener on the other side. In many such, not only one’s spiritual pursuits are polluted by false teachings and impacts, but many young people are being exposed to moral decay and decrepitude.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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