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The polls and the government resources!

- Thinakkural Editorial

(July 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardain) Although the law prohibits the utilization of government resources, those in the seats of power, flout the law and abuse the government resources for election campaign. As it is customary, the Commissioner of Elections has issued directives on the eve of the election to caution that the government resources should not be used for election campaign.

Dayanda Dissanayaka, the Elections Commissioner, has laid down that helicopters, planes and government tourist houses should not be used at government expenses for election campaign at the forth coming polls for two provincial councils. This is, in fact, a salutary step.

An official of the department of elections has pointed out that the government resources were utilized during the recent eastern provincial council polls. According to the law, these election malpractices are punishable offenses. Yet, some politicians continue to flout the law and the relevant authorities do not take action.

Most of the allegations of misuse of the State resources for election purposes are against those in power. It is alleged that the Chief Minister and ministers of the North Central Province Council use government vehicles despite the dissolution of the council. We point out the need to take action against such offenders.

It is true that the commissioner of elections has issued a directive. In fact, he had made similar statements earlier, too, that he would not permit such mal practices, but they were never implemented. Let him tell us whether he had given effect to it at least once.

All are equal in the eyes of law. If the laws are not implemented impartially, people will lose faith in the law.
(An English translation of the Editorial in Thinakkural, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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