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Response: He has not contradicted any of the facts.

Statement from the Tamils For Justice to Sri Lanka Guardian follow,

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(July 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) T4J (Tamil For Justice) would not degenerate itself to gutter journalism, and personal attacks, as Jayadevan suffers from attention deficiency syndrome. Tamils are well aware who is the Tamil traitor (Ettayappan), and they have already decided. T4J only expressed their sentiments. It us upto him to improve his image with the Tamils.

T4J would not dwell into his family affairs, sister, in-law, and nephews. Jayadevan's attacks on the LTTE has to be answered by the LTTE and not T4J, and we are certain, that they do not respond to all the stray dogs that bark. If Jayadevan wishes to pursue human rights violations of the LTTE, or other Tamils together with the Singhalese and the GOSL, he is welcomed to'do so. They all had the opportunity to deal with Col. Karuna who was in the London jail, and all of them had "Katte Pittu", and did "Jack". They even assisted him to leave London as "Col. Anthony".

Tamils For Justice is not associated in Northern America with any proscribed or banned Tamil charities, or organizations. Bruce Fein as the attorney and Tamils For Justice, appealed for evidence in May, as per the goals and objectives of the T4J project. T4J has now received all the credible evidence and witnesses, we require for the Alien Tort's Claim Action. (ATCA). We do not need any assistance from any Traitor's.

T4J will not have any further communication on this matter as we are focused with our goals and objectives and do not have the time to be concerned with petty London Temple financial affairs, his family problems, or his close relatives in the USA.
- Sri Lanka Guardian


Lankan said...

T4J...? Must be another retirement activity for seniors!

sri said...

R Iayadevan is right when he accuses LTTE of its gutter journalisnm. Want to confirm.. then please visit.. http://www.neruppu.org/
a site digusting to any decent human being, Tamil or not.

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