59 division makes progress in Tannimurippakulam as fighting continues south of Kilinochchi.

by DefenceNet

(August 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Small attack teams of the SL Army's 59 division today brought under their control nearly a 1km stretch of land alongside the Tannimurippakulam tank. At least 8 LTTE cadres were believed to be killed in the process and SLA troopers who launched the attack have recovered two of the bodies. Tannimurippakulam is located around 10km north east of Nedunkarni, Mullaithivu.

Meanwhile 57 and 58 division units were locked in sporadic clashes with the tigers alongside the frontline south of Kilinochchi. Although SLA units are now only 11km from the de facto capital of the tigers, capture of the city could take some time and will require precise planning. In the urban areas, artillery and MBRL fire support will be limited and the same can be said for air support. The army and the LTTE will have to engage in close quarters fighting in the impending battle for Kilinochchi. One thing that can be predicted is that the casualty figures for both parties will definitely be higher during such times.

Meanwhile the Military Intelligence has warned the army of a possible LTTE counterattack similar to unceasing waves (they have already launched several medium scale ones and have had little success with them). It seems the tigers are waiting for the right time to launch the attack which could be their final hope. On the other hand, the morale of SLA troops on the frontlines is as high as ever and they are being lead by some of the best in the army.

Meanwhile the army will recruit 8000 more soldiers in the coming months as part of the latest recruitment campaign. The shortage of manpower is felt as the army moves forward daily, capturing new territory.
- Sri Lanka Guardian