Enemy Within: LTTE Agent In EROS Reveals

(August 06, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) “The Intelligence Wing of the Eelam Revolutionary Organisation (EROS) has identified Batticaloa Municipal Councillor Rajanathan Prabaharan as being an LTTE Intelligence Agent. The authorities in Colombo have been briefed and it is said a warrant will be issued for his arrest and detention in due course. He is said to be in hiding in Batticaloa area and it is possible that he may be deported back to Switzerland as he holds a Swiss passport,” source from the EROS told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

“Rajanathan Prabaharan has a very dubious and criminal history. He was arrested on 16 December 1998 as an independent member of the Batticaloa Municipal Council by the Sri Lankan Army and was severely beaten by soldiers in public before being handed over to a special Police investigation unit. Police sources in Batticaloa said that he was taken into custody by the army in connection with an explosion in the transformer near his office on Govindan Road in the Batticaloa town”, he added.

According to source, “the then Batticaloa Mayor Mr.Cheliyan Perinbanayagam and Municipal Commissioner Mr. S. Navaneethan were said to be disgusted by Rajanathan’s criminal activities and links to the LTTE.”

In September 1998 Rajanathan Prabaharan, seized fifteen acres of the Water Board's property. He parceled this land into a large number of housing plots and rented these out to his supporters.
In the same year a member of his independent group was killed while attempting to blow up another transformer device in Batticaloa after receiving instructions from the LTTE. The army suspected collusion between the Liberation Tigers who control the western hinterland of district and Prabhaharan's independent group which he claimed at that time was EROS when infact the Shakar Rajee faction of EROS in Colombo had disowned him completely.

Rajanathan Prabaharan originates from south-eastern town of Akkaraippattu and was formerly a cadre of the EROS in the early '80's and joined the LTTE after quitting EROS where he remained a member of their Intelligence wing.

He was elected as an independent candidate with two of his colleagues to the Batticaloa Municipal Council in March 1994 but not as a contesting member of EROS. Rajanathan Prabhaharan has been accused of robbery, extortion and encroachment.
- Sri Lanka Guardian