"Govt. scared to go for Gen. Election"

(August 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Addressing the media today (28Aug), UNP M.P. Lakshman Kiriella said, the Govt. converted its defeat which was writ on the wall before election into a victory by election law violations, violence, deception and manipulation. Like how the President won the last Presidential elections by the illicit pact with the LTTE which came to light only later ,after one and half years in power , when his own Ministers exposed the fraud ; even in these elections , all the deceits and malpractices indulged in by the Govt. are beginning to seep through , only now.

The malpractices are so many that he cannot recount all of them at once, he added. However, he explained how the usual practice of sealing the ballot boxes with wax and even the vehicles traveling behind guarding them were obstructed. This was definitely a premeditated plan by the Govt. to racket. In some instances, the ballot boxes were carried and transferred by men in army uniforms without proper identification. These malpractices among others were further confirmed because , this is the first time all the pre election survey results conducted by all recognized bodies including the State bodies and NIB ( which conducted 5 surveys ) , went wrong. All of them projected a very close fight and stated either party, whoever may be the winner cannot get more than 1% votes over the other.

The UNP is continuing its investigations and evidence is mounting against the Govt. in confirmation of the suspicions, he exhorted.

The President by moving heaven and earth to abstain from implementing the 17th amendment is only proving that, if the independent Police Commission, the Elections Commission, the Public service Commission and others are appointed duly by the Constitutional Council as required under the 17th amendment , he cannot use and manipulate the Police Force , the Elections procedures and the State media in the way he wants and he will be bound to adhere to the laws of the country and constitution which is not the case now , he regretted.

The Govt. would have suffered a humiliating defeat if it had had elections lawfully and democratically , which fact not only the opposition parties , but even the voters are aware. A robber is not a winner even if he maneuvers and aligns all the powers with him, because some day he has to face the consequences. Hence, it is a victory for the UNP who seeks victory on the genuine votes of the people, he concluded.
- Sri Lanka Guardian