Janaka Perera

by Rex Wijewardene

(August 16, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The much decorated and battle hardened Major General Janaka Perera’s exploits in the theatre of war, in the North and East, fighting the ruthless LTTE, are well known to the ranks in the Sri Lanka army. Having left an illustrious career, he opted to enter the political arena, which came as a surprise to many who had held him in high esteem. Having joined the UNP, he was nominated for the post of chief ministerial candidate to contest the North Central Provincial Council elections. The irony is that he who risked his life in the battlefield to wipe out the scourge of terrorism from the land, has opted to join the party, whose leader R. W. is the architect of the infamous CFA, which was heavily loaded in favour of the LTTE.

Today Janaka is hand in glove with his leader, who has discredited the valiant armed forces laying down their lives in the battlefield. His stance on the successful military campaign launched by the President to end the ‘Sun God’s’ reign of terror is well known. Against this backdrop Janaka’s request for security personnel from the Govt. was met with, when he was provided eight police personnel, which he rejected, insisting that he should have the right to select his own men. I do not know what the real procedure is. If this rule applies to the high-ups in the state, then Janaka too has a right to it. There should be no double standards.

Apart from this issue, what caught the eye of the public was Janaka’s comment that if elected he would destroy all the bunkers erected by Pillaiyan in the districts. If these so called bunkers were a threat to the people in the East, who were liberated from the jackboot of the so-called Sun God, and Pillaiyan resorts to unleash violence at a latter date, the Govt is well prepared to meet such an eventuality. So there is no reason for Janaka to focus on this issue and raise a hornets’ nest over it. The retired general must act honourably, without tarnishing his image.
- Sri Lanka Guardian