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LTTE infiltration squad attacked : Konketiyawa

(August 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka Army Special Forces and 22-4 brigade soldiers have assaulted a group of LTTE cadres near Konketiyawa in eastern province today (31st) morning. The army has managed to inflict heavy casualties to the LTTE and was able to capture a large haul of weapons and ammunition.

A group of Civil Defence Force (CDF) members were first to detect the the group of LTTE cadres early morning and immediately came under fire. The army then deployed Special Forces (SF) units to the scene who decimated the LTTE squad. SF units have located 10 LTTE bodies so far and are continuing search operations in the area to hunt down any remaining cadres. Among the military hardware captured are 7 T-56 rifles, 4 claymore mines, 5 IEDs, 20 detonators and 1 Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG). The LTTE squad looks like one of many teams deployed to infiltrate the eastern province gradually. MI estimates around 50 more cadres to be at large in the jungles surrounding Padaviya.

Meanwhile a Special Task Force (STF) commando was killed by an LTTE sniper attack in Roopaskulama, Kanchikudichchiaru. (DN Report)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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