Reply to the public statement on the accusation of SLDF involvement in the TBC break-in

by R. Jayadevan

(August 12, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Kiran from London has circulated a statement in Tamil via email which has been published in the ‘Thesam’ website. In his personal statement Kiran has asserted his involvement with the SLDF. Quoting external factors he had justified that there is no reason for the SLDF to respond to the news implicating them in the burglary at the Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).

Kiran states: ‘When nitharsanam (LTTE website) published a scurrilous story that Late Thangarajah’s death was a calculated murder by Jayadevan, there was no effort made by Jayadevan to publish his statement to counter the accusation’. He has made this statement justify the stance of SLDF to remain silent. For the reader’s information, Mr Thangarajah is the late husband of the Manageress of Shiva temple I Chair. He died under tragic circumstance in Harrow in 2006. The LTTE gutter website made concerted effort to frame a story that Late Thangarajah was murdered by me. This was part of the ongoing campaign by the LTTE websites to publish degrading news about me and each member of my family since my return from LTTE captivity in Vanni, Sri Lanka in 2005.

Kiran taking up a specific news item from the hundreds of scurrilous news published about me in the LTTE gutter websites, is alleging that I did not go public to counter the murder story of Late Thangarajah. On this, I did my part to expose the LTTE campaign against me in the best possible manner. Substantial pressure was put on the relatives of Late Thangarajah to go public about the facts pertaining to his death. Further, I took up the matter with the police and the local media. The police made a public statement about the circumstances surrounding the death which was published in the local mainstream media in Harrow. When I forwarded the news stories published in the nithrsanam about me, the media men were astonished and dumfounded to read such degrading publications.

If Kiran or SLDF had not seen these media news, I am more than willing to forward them. This news was then published in the independentsl, and many other websites. The stand I had taken on this matter clearly confirms to the extent I went to get the right message to the public. Mere publication of a rebuttal statement to the only would have led to the said gutter website steamrolling on me and my family members.

Based on my experience, I feel that the SLDF members accused of involvement in the burglary must go with the LTTE burglar to the police station, where the original complaint about the burglary was made to clear their names.

It is also important that the alleged SLDF members and the LTTE burglar attend a meeting with the TBC and those whom were helping the TBC to come out the mess created by the burglary. Some of those attendees are privy to the information of the burglary revealed by the burgler. I for one am willing to participate because of my involvement with the TBC at that time.
- Sri Lanka Guardian