We were wins the people says UNP

(August 25, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Speaking to the Media today (25Aug), UNP Gen. Secretary and M.P. Tissa Attanayake thanked all those who voted for the UNP at the Sabaragamuwa and North Central province (NCP) polls surmounting all odds and obstacles created by the Govt. against them. Despite all the treachery, tyranny, blatant lies, deceits, election law violations, violence and corrupt activities, the Govt. could not increase its number of votes received in both electorates .

The number of votes were much lesser than what it received in 2004, he stated. On the other hand, although the Govt. is making bombast of its so called victory, the UNP had received over 70,000 votes in Sabaragamuwa and over 100,000 votes in NCP more than in the 2004 elections in these provinces, he added.

The Govt. is trying to paint a picture to the world that the elections was peaceful making just the election day look calm, after engaging in all the lawless activities and election violence .But, during the 60 days leading to the elections, it used all its thugs, hooligans, Ministers and stooges to commit the worst crimes of violence and assault on the opposition parties. Until the last day, just before elections it went on unabatedly on its rampage of death, despair and destruction against its opponents. On classic example is the wanton damage and assault inflicted on the UNP er Dr. John Pulle on the eve of elections. John Pulle’s residence and vehicles were burnt down causing a loss of over Rs. 50 million while he too was assaulted. Lawlessness in the country too was demonstrated when the Police who were there in hundreds, and a DIG present did nothing to obstruct the holocaust or protect the victim.

He asked why this Govt. is wasting people’s money on untimely and uncalled for elections causing damage to person and property. If it really wants to prove its popularity, it can hold a General election whose result will be the people’s correct verdict. But, such elections cannot be allowed to be held as is done now by the Govt. without implementing the 17th amendment to the constitution which makes it mandatory the appointment of the Police Commission, Elections Commission, the Public Service Commission etc. The President is deliberately sidestepping and delaying this issue in order to exert his Executive powers illegally, politicize the State Institutions; and use the Police and State Bodies according to his whims and fancies, he exhorted.
- Sri Lanka Guardian