Deaths of pregnant mothers and children!

- Thinakkural Editorial

(September 23, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Although the medical science has made great advancement, the health of pregnant mothers and children is unsatisfactory.

This is revealed in a report published by the UNICEF regarding the wellbeing of children and pregnant mothers. According to statistics, more than five hundred thousands of women die either during pregnancy or during child birth.

This sorry plight is due to lack of financial resources and political will. The major cause for deaths during child birth is hemorrhage. In developing countries one out of 76 women face this danger in her life pan.

A great necessity has arisen to take deaths during child births as a great challenge globally by the WHO. In 2007, 90 hundred thousand children in the world passed away without reaching their fifth birth day.

It is a distressful reality that the health of women and children has not been prioritized by many governments of the world.

(An English translation of the Editorial in Thinakkural, a Tamil daily based in Colombo.)
- Sri Lanka Guardian