Norwegian Support For LTTE Terrorists

Full text of an open letter to the Prime Minister of the Royal Norwegian Parliament by the World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) is follows;

by Ranjith Soysa

“Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of god”: Mattew 5

(September 24, Oslo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Having embarked on ‘peace missions’ in several countries around the globe, the time has come for the government of Norway to seriously delve into its conscience to ascertain whether its intentions have been really genuine and honest.

This has become imperative especially in the Sri Lankan context, as there seem to be more questions than answers with regard to the involvement of Norwegians in the peace process. Our organisation, WAPS has been actively interested in evaluating issues related to the peace process in Sri Lanka for the past 14 years and therefore posses a deep understanding of the negative factors that led to Norway’s failures and collapse of the peace process as well as the clandestine activities of the Norwegian personnel who were associated with it. Given below are details of some of the grave betrayals of trust committed against the people, security establishment and the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) by the personnel employed by the Royal Norwegian government with the complicity of the latter.


On the 24th of July 2008, Sri Lankan media reported that several items of heavy machinery and other vehicles which were owned and used in mine clearing activities by the Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA) organization in the jungles of Vanni had gone missing. The Sri Lanka defence forces personnel who made the discovery suspected that the said items were already being used by the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization to construct bunkers and for other insurgent activities. Naturally suspicion was directed towards the NPA without whose knowledge the said items could never have been removed from the compound belonging to them. Subsequently the gen. secretary of NPA Mr. Peter Eide issued a press release on July 29 2008 (quote) “During an internal routine inspection of the suspended NPA mine action programme's equipment and resources, on July 24 2008, it was discovered that 8 vehicles had been ‘forcibly removed’ (emphasis is ours) from the mine clearance compound in Killinochchi during the preceding ‘days’ (emphasis is ours again)” unquote.

Some of the many questions that arise from the issue are:

1. Since the mine clearance operations were terminated 6 months prior to this event, in January 2008, how is it that Mr. Eide never discovered the loss until it was publicised by the Sri Lankan defence forces? The timing of the press release immediately after the disclosure clearly indicates that he had been caught on the back foot. Since, unlike the NPA the Sri Lankan security establishment had no access to the area; it was the sole responsibility of Mr. Eide to guard the equipment properly. If he had employed security guards to protect these valuable pieces of equipment from being taken away by the LTTE, how is it that he failed to inform the Sri Lankan authorities about the loss?

2. How could Mr. Eide be so certain that the equipment disappeared days and not months ago? Had a routine periodical inspection of the resources ever been carried out by him and his staff? If so when was it done last?

3. If the loss was discovered by the NPA itself, why was it not reported to the police, the security forces and the GOSL? Why did he wait until the media exposed the scandal?

4. What response will Mr. Eide give to the allegations of the secretary general of SCOPP Mr. Rajiv Wijesinghe that up to 38 vehicles belonging to NPA are believed to be in the hands of LTTE terrorists?

It may interest you to know that GOSL has instituted an inquiry into this incident and also rejected frantic appeals from three members of the staff requesting the renewal of their working visas. The three have since been sent back to Norway.


The above named film scripted for the sole purpose of glorifying the Black Tiger suicide bombers of the LTTE, was funded in its entirety by your government. Your foreign ministry through Norwegian Film Fund initially released NDK 250,000 to the producer Ms. Beate Arnestad in 2005 followed by a further grant of NDK 500,000 through Free
Speech Foundation. The total received by the producer with the addition of funds received from NORAD and the Film Fund for DVDs etc is in the region of NDK 1,000,000... Although it is well known that it is the children from impoverished families of the Hindu faith living in the uncleared areas of Wanni who are forcibly recruited for suicide missions, the film opted to portray two teenage Catholic girls. This tactic has deliberately been adopted to dupe American and European audiences into believing that the bombers belong to a Catholic ‘separatist movement’. Furthermore, the entire involvement of your government in this venture, smacks of unbridled Norwegian hypocrisy and duplicity in the light of revelations that your government helped to falsify visa applications of the producer by declaring that the film was intended to focus around the Tsunami disaster. This is a classic example of the betrayal of trust placed by the GOSL on a so called ‘peace facilitator’. The independent NGO Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) in its August 2008 report alleges that Norwegian tax payer’s money has been squandered on first class air fares, luxury hotel accommodation, visits to brothels in Bangkok etc. during the course of the filming. You have approved ‘S’ certification for the film enabling it to be digitally remastered into DVD’s and Videos. This deliberate and calculated act of irresponsibility has enabled young immature audiences to watch this horrible movie glorifying suicide bombers. Pray tell us, is this, the type of behaviour that is to be expected of a nation that claims to fervently embrace the teachings of the Holy Christian Bible? The LTTE has already started exhibiting the film for its propaganda and fund raising activities thereby making the Royal Norwegian government a willing partner in the spread of terrorism around the globe.


This is a blatant example of contract killings planned and executed by LTTE with the collaboration of the Royal Norwegian government with the sole intention of eliminating anyone opposed to their brutal manifesto. It has now been revealed that LTTE was hell bent on eliminating Maheswaran who had fallen foul of the fascist dictator. As a prerequisite to this sordid affair, Norway had transferred funds into an account held in a commercial bank in Colombo by the LTTE sleeper cell, assassin no.1527 well ahead of the crime. In December 2007, LTTE gave the signal and supplied the assassin with a micro pistol and 39 rounds of ammunition out of which he used 15 rounds to load his pistol while secreting the rest in his Wattala abode. In view of the possibility of the existence of many such Norwegian funded ‘sleeper cells’ in all parts of Sri Lanka, it is a matter of grave concern that eight months after the assassination no probe has yet been launched to unravel the ramifications of the Norwegian link.


Although the LTTE has been identified and banned as a terrorist organization in several Western countries including the United State as well as others, yet the Norwegian FMA seems to turn a blind eye to their activities permitting LTTE and its front organizations to continue to raise funds in Norway.

The despicable behaviour of Mr. Erik Solheim has largely contributed towards this apathy, which has emboldened the Norwegian Labour Party politicians to openly canvass support for the LTTE fronts. Despite concrete evidence of human rights violations on a massive scale, evidence of ethnic cleansing, suicide bomb and landmine attacks on civilians all over Sri Lanka, Mr. Solheim attempted unsuccessfully to persuade the European Union and Canada to oppose the move to proscribe the LTTE as a terrorist organisation. Having failed in his bid he castigated the listing as a big blunder. In an interview granted to the Norwegian newspaper ‘Dagsvisen’ on 11 September 2006, this individual has bragged, “The LTTE will never be classified as a terrorist organization in Norway”. Yet, he unashamedly continues, (exposing his vulnerable underbelly of duplicity) “Terrorism is planned attack on civilians”. Doesn’t his own definition of terrorism apply to the LTTE, which has been unleashing carnage among the civilians population for three decades in a row?

The irreparable damage caused to Norway’s reputation by the actions of this individual in the eyes of the world is incalculable. Mr. Solheim through NORAD has been granting the LTTE and bogus Sri Lankan peace merchants such as corrupt politicians, dishonest journalists, and NGOS etc. vast sums of money equivalent to US $ 40 millions every year. Ambassador Tore Hattrem has even openly admitted that part of this money has been utilised to bribe the above individuals to actively promote the ‘peace process’ of the Norwegian government. It is an open secret that the LTTE utilised these massive grants to purchase armaments. Apart from constructing huge underground bunkers, war cemeteries for dead cadres and for enhancing their military capabilities in every possible way, not one iota of the grants has ever reached the impoverished people enslaved by them. The GOSL still continues to fund and maintain facilities such as hospitals, schools and government departments in the occupied areas while paying salaries to all the employees. Even provisions, farm produce and other essentials from the South reach these areas courtesy of GOSL. LTTE terrorists who fatten themselves up on these food items continue to kill and maim the innocent farmers and other individuals of the South who help to keep their evil minds and bodies alive. In the recently liberated areas of the East not a single evidence of infrastructure development attributed to LTTE has ever been discovered. Surprisingly no attempt has ever been made by the donor country to investigate as to how these funds have been disbursed by the LTTE. This type of gross indifference is a blatant exposure of Norway’s dubious role and its credibility as an honest peacemaker.


Poring over the mass of evidence unearthed over the last few years it is abundantly clear that Norway got herself involved in Sri Lanka ostensibly as a ‘ peace broker’ with ulterior motives. How else could Norway explain her behaviour in the following instances?

1 The memorandum of understanding (MOU) and the CFA were both drafted by Erik Solheim in consultation with LTTE theoretician Anton Balasingham in London to the total exclusion of GOSL representatives. Why?

2 The above two statements were first endorsed by the terrorist leader and subsequently presented to Ranil Wickramasinghe, the incumbent prime minister for signing. Under the Sri Lankan constitution the prime minister has not been vested with executive powers empowering him to sign such a treaty. Why did Solheim side step president Kumaranatunga who alone held executive powers?

3 Why was the mythical concept of ‘traditional homeland of the Tamils’ incorporated into it although there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever for such an entity to have existed throughout the entire history of the country? Wasn’t this act a demonstration of Norway’s partisan attitude?

4 Why was allowance made for the armed terrorists to enter government territory at will but at the same time allowed no freedom for unarmed civilians, GOSL officials, security forces or even the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission to enter the areas occupied by the LTTE?

5 Why did Norway use diplomatic privileges to import and deliver six tons of high tech communications equipment including V-Sat facilities to the LTTE? Ever since, this equipment has been used by them to broadcast terrorist propaganda around the globe and to eavesdrop on security forces and LTTE’s opponents leading to the elimination of a substantial number of them? This gifting was a direct violation of UN Security Council resolution no1373 which forbids assistance to designated terrorist groups

6 Why did Norway continue the ‘equal partners’ policy by proposing the demarcation of a separate stretch of the ocean off the Northern peninsula for the exclusive use of LTTE?

7 Why did Norway elevate the LTTE to a position over and above GOSL at the first round of talks in Geneva in 2006 by awarding the former the opening address and also the right of reply?

8 Why did the Norwegian head of SLMM manufacture the story of a ‘third party’ involvement in the sinking of a Chinese ship chartered by GOSL (to freight food for the civilians of the north) knowing very well that LTTE was the real culprit? Please be informed that a tape of the wiretapped conversion between general Trond Furahovede and terrorist leader Pullidevan in which the general instructs Pullidevan to confirm the story, is in the possession of the GOSL

9 Why did Norwegian general Trygve Tellefsen leak information to the LTTE about the movement of Sri Lankan naval vessels while he himself was aboard one of them on a reconnaissance mission?

10 There is evidence to prove that Norwegian experts trained Sea Tigers in under water warfare off the coast of Andaman Islands in Thailand. Why was this done?

11 Why is it that over 50% of the ‘aid’ provided to Sri Lanka by Norway is classified as ‘secret’? Isn’t it because this money destined for LTTEs war chest and for lining the pockets of Sri Lankan traitors?

12 Why were only the LTTE representatives invited to Oslo after the peace talks? Why were they taken to the Special Forces training camp at Rena to watch demonstrations of the use of the latest military equipment?

13 Why did Norway continue to white wash the image of LTTE in the eyes of the international community despite the atrocities it was committing on a daily basis?

Although the former Norwegian head of SLMM Ulf Henricsson once stated, “GOSL has no ability to defeat the LTTE”, yet this is exactly what has been achieved to date. Hopelessly outnumbered, out gunned and out manoeuvred, the LTTE has been driven into a quagmire leaving them with only two equally unpalatable choices - either face the bullets from the security forces or swallow their cyanide capsules.

Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen of the Royal Norwegian legislature, please be informed that our society in collaboration with well wishers in Norway and other countries has meticulously documented the clandestine activities of Norway Foreign Office representatives in Sri Lanka. We have been able to draw parallels between the experiences of Serbians, Philippinos, Somalis, middle Easterners and ourselves with regard to your meddling. Sri Lanka is no Serbia or Somalia. We Sri Lankans are the proud inheritors of a 2500-year-old unique civilization. Unlike many of your ancestors our nation has always worked for peace and harmony among all living beings. Unfortunately, thanks to a few corrupt Norwegian politicians, members of Norwegian defence forces, media personnel and likes of Erik Solheim we are compelled to be prejudiced about the real intentions of Norway in Sri Lanka. Do they believe in colonial adventures or in keeping with the modern day norms do they recognize co-existence? We may never get to know the answers to these questions. Whatever happens, the Sri Lankans are now more determined never again to permit misadventures in international relations by countries like Norway.

There will be an opportunity in the near future for Norway to defend its atrocious record, before world bodies and most likely face class action by affected Sri Lankans.

Despite all this we firmly believe that at least some legislators in Norway who are keen to uphold well recognized democratic principles governing the Norwegian Nation and its bilateral relations with the members of the international community will open their eyes and take urgent steps to expose the miscreants to their fellow citizens. Norwegian media unfortunately has decided to remain silent about this sordid episode and the misuse of Norwegian taxpayers’ funds by a few in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is indeed interesting to ascertain whether the media silence was orchestrated by the concerned Government officials who ‘squandered’ the funds or by the LTTE front men using their shock tactics. Nonetheless, the silence has its own limits. The claims of the Norwegian Ministry officials, their ego charged objectives in the Sri Lanka misadventure and the irreparable damage caused to the image of Norway are factors, which will be investigated and commented upon by fearless members of the Fourth Estate in the near future. We owe a debt of gratitude to NAT for standing up in spite of highly controversial attempts by the Norwegian Government officials to bury the bitter truth of Norway’s determination to create a separate country for the LTTE terrorists out of Sri Lankan territory.

As a result of your government’s complicity with and assistance to the LTTE terrorists, thousands of innocent lives were unnecessarily lost.

WAPS requests urgent investigations and answers from the Royal Norwegian Government to the issues highlighted. The failure to do so would be considered an admission of insidious complicity in the gruesome crimes committed by the LTTE. We will then be free to proceed with the options available to us.

We conclude with a quotation from William Shakespeare thus:

- Sri Lanka Guardian