Our Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka, and the Canadian Democratic League

by Charles.S.Perera

(September 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Canadian Democratic League has written to the Sri Lanka Guardian website on the 28 September,2008, condemning a statement made by the Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka.

The Canadian Democratic League has got it all wrong. There is no reason for the Army Commander to withdraw one word of what he has said to please those who do not want to understand the truth. The Army Commander is not only entrusted to liberate the areas held by the terrorists, but also to eliminate them, so that the people of Sri Lanka the Sinhala Majority, and the Tamil, and Muslim, and other minorities live together in a healthy peaceful environment.
The Army Commander did not make a political statement, he made it quite clear that he is there to fight terrorism, and other matters are for those in Colombo to decide.

As Army Commander with an Armed Force composed mainly of young Sinhala Officers and Soldiers, who are risking there lives every day to save their motherland has to be told , that the saving the motherland from being mutilated by a group of ruthless terrorists has become their duty, as the representatives of the Majority Community, so that the Tamil, Muslim, and other minority Communities could live together in a peaceful fraternal environment, because they are our people.

The ethnic problem the Tamil politicians, and the Tamil diaspora keeps on harping is nothing but a refusal to accept this truth of who is the majority, and who the minority in Sri Lanka. It started long before 1956 as it was pointed out by Mr.Thomas John Pulle in an article in the Sri Lanka Guardian website on 4 September,2008. The Tamil politicians like G.G.Ponnambalam, and Chelvanayagam began this through an inferiority complex, not to play second fiddle to the Sinhala Politicians. It is the same Sinhala hatred and the inferiority complex that makes the Tamil politicians and those of the Tamil diaspora directly and indirectly support the terrorists in Sri Lanka to commit all possible sins, to separate a part of the territory of Sri Lanka to set up a Tamil Eelam State.

It is also an irrefutable fact that the Tamils exaggerate on their minority condition, to make the International Community believe that a cruel majority, proud and pompous because of their majority status is denying political rights and civil liberties to the poor Tamil and Muslim Minority.

There are all the privileges that the Tamil, and Muslims claim at their disposal in the strong Nation that we have become, and that the Tamils and Muslims should not make their minority status to make undue claims. This is a true fact which had also been expressed by the Army Commander Sarath Fonseka.

But not wanting to understand this reality, the Tamil writers, politicians , Tamil Leagues and Groups, will make this another occasion to puke their undigested hatred on the heads of the Sinhala.
- Sri Lanka Guardian