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Carry on treachery of Tamilnet trash and twaddle

By Ranjit Surendran on the spot in Visuvamadu

(February 14, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamilnet.com are the types of which legends of the villains and the wicked are written for posterity. That such an infamous and the iniquitous should visit us is our cruel fate. Like the bleach that will yank the unrelenting dirt out, it is hoped our people will get sick of the appalling misinformation and mischief with which our community is being devastated by the likes of Tamilnet.com.

Once again this US based web media has unashamedly come out with a feature to satisfy its ferocious feline masters and those who have made gold by its terror politics. Those who gain are the Diaspora millionaires and those who lose are their war-scarred kith and kin many of whom have been forgotten by the loaded and the stuffed.

Today’s (Friday February 13) Tamilnet.com says that the armed forces are herding people by terror when the real story is that hundreds are attempting to flee the terror of the Tigers from the vicious hostage grip they have on them. While some of those fleeing were fired at by the Tigers and several lives lost, it is sickening to note Tamilnet.com has the cheek to falsify the reality and blame the firing on the civilians at the armed forces.

It is a far-fetched fable to talk about roadside massacres My Lai type by the armed forces personnel with so many medical people and volunteers on the ground more in this area working round the clock than anywhere else.

Forty years ago, March 16 the US Charlie Company of the 11th Brigade of the American Division under the command of Lt William Calley entered the Vietnamese village of My Lai and massacred the entire village of 300 people including several children. Calley was said to have rounded up a group of villagers, ordered them into a ditch, and mowed them down in a fury of machine gun fire. Tamilnet, no doubt, is bordering its lies on to such stories.

When one analyses the Tamilnet.com reports, the impression gathered is that its mischief-loaded writers are inspired by such reports. Very soon Tamilnet.com will even talk about gas chambers in Pudukudiiruppu and Visuvamadu. And the Tamil community is expected to believe such tales.

Instead of accepting and appreciating that the government has set up a new safety zone, Tamilnet.com alleges that it is a herding ground to assemble 300,000 people within a small area. Firstly, the figure of 300,000 has been dismissed as false several days ago and the number of hostages held by the Tigers are believed to be less than 100,000. Either Tamilnet.com is way off or is determined to exaggerate news and statistics far beyond sense and prudence.

It even has the audacity to claim that the armed forces are deliberately shelling fleeing civilians. It appears according to Tamilnet.com, even surveillance aircraft should not be flying overheard. What is on is not a forces display but a civil war.

One can understand how desperate the LTTE supporters must be to try and save Prabhakaran and his terror battalion when the honourable solution for him is to surrender and seek an amnesty. He never had heart for the people. Systematically from 1975 onwards, he destroyed the community’s political leaders, intellectuals, professionals, civil list officers, journalists and whoever he thought would be a threat to his “Sole Voice” obsession.

Tamilnet.com serves the aspirations of a small section of the Tamil Diaspora as an intimidatory and vociferous element that spells only ruin for the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. Its writers or rather writer reflecting the concerns and fears of the cool Californian millionaires placed at the inevitable end faced by Prabhakaran and his gang of terrorists seem to entertain hopes that they could be saved with ceasefire even at this stage.

Those of us on the spot know exactly what the feelings of the people are, the very ones who have to fight for their lives and flee the fires. They know where the threat is coming from and in which direction they have to run. Many make it but some do not and even that is too many to perish in this horrendous hell, Prabhakaran’s legacy to the Tamils. Even on this run they are not sure whether there are Tiger-trained suicide bombers running along with them on their wicked mission as well. This is a hallmark of the LTTE. Let not Tamilnet.com at this crucial moment continue to preach anger and hatred to help sustain the ghastliness of terrorism.
Let it be understood that the Sri Lankans are done with the LTTE and the game is over. There will be no ceasefire until the LTTE is rooted out totally. This is certainly the wishes of the people of Sri Lanka and Tamilnet.com and those millionaires messing around in Sri Lankan affairs had better accept this reality. It is not just Tiger terrorism only the Sri Lankans want ended.

Any others who have any idea that the people of Sri Lanka could be ruled by guns and grenades had better take the cue that the country has had enough of them.

-Sri Lanka Guardian

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Chula Rajapakse said...

Never in the history of human conflict have so many been mislead by so few as the Tmil Tigers of Northern Sri Lanka have done with the rest of the world, regarding it's conflict with Sri Lanka.

Chula Rajapakse
New Zealand

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