Devananda inquires into the health of wounded civilians in the War

(March 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Douglas Devananda, Minister of Social Services and Social Welfare and Chairman of Special Task Committee, Northern Province, on the last 18th visited the Padaviya District Hospital to inquire into the health of the injured and those suffering from various illnesses admitted from Wanni locality, receiving treatment at the hospital.

A large member of injured due to the ongoing war and subjected to various kinds of illnesses sea transported to Pulmudai has been transferred to Padaviya District Hospital for treatment. Here, men, women and children numbering to about 70 are receiving treatment.

In the morning hours of last 18th, Minister Devananda, visited the Welfare Camp in “Saivaprakashar” College, Vavuniya and having had a discussion with the inmates for determining their requirements and identifying problems, proceeded to the Welfare Camp in Padaviya where the relatives of those warded in Padaviya District Hospital are housed. The Minister after a friendly discussion with them for identifying their problems, had talks with the Catholic Clergy in the Camp about the present situation in Wanni. The Minister informed them that all their grievances would be referred to the President for quick settlement.

At the hospital, the Minister met all the patients personally and discussed about their problems, they all were extremely happy to see the Minister and welcomed him warmly. The Minister assured them that all their problems would be looked into attentively and submitted to the President for appropriate action and immediate settlement when once they are taken to Vavuniya after recovery. The Minister wishing them quick recovery presented the patients with food, clothes, cups and plates.

Thereafter, the Minister had talks with the Doctors and other members of Hospital staff and thanked them for their valuable service rendered to the displaced receiving treatment at the hospital.
-Sri Lanka Guardian