Fighting the Diplomatic assault

Sri Lanka finally managed to get its act together to fight the brutal LTTE to the finish.

By Nacholibre

(March 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A few years ago, it was the popular opinion that Sri Lanka is besieged by an invincible liberation force (LTTE), which the former has no way of defeating other than to yield to the latter’s demands and surrender. Successive governments had failed miserably in their endeavours to solve this menace by adopting a mixture of military operations against the LTTE punctuated by ceasefires and negotiations. None ever worked to bring any settlement to the conflict; they only brought disappointment and more destruction to the lives and property of this country in the Indian Ocean.

It is in this background that the present administration came into power by the choice of the majority in 2005. The new administration lost no time in identifying the key obstacle that was in the path of the development of the country and, having done so, it did some head hunting for capable human resources to lead the humanitarian campaign for the liberation of a nation besieged by the brutal terrorism of a separatist group.

Despite having all odds against the State, the country could afford to wage a concerted war on terror against the LTTE, thanks to two broad fronts that was put in place by the Rajapaksha administration. One was having the luxury of services of a few dedicated and highly capable men in Uniform to draw a comprehensive military plan to execute a decisive, final war on the LTTE. The other side of the success story was the fielding of equally capable individuals on the international front, who knew what odds Sri Lanka was up against and how best to put together the best modes of defenses to wade off the pro-LTTE lobby’s threat. Sri Lanka successfully harnessed strength to withstand the collective pressure of the pro-LTTE lobby that was hell-bent on halting the military operations midway. Leading among them was our Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Mr. Dayan Jayatilleke.

Those who keenly followed the Rajapaksha administration’s glowing success against the LTTE over these three years must know how crucial and timely was the appointment of Mr. Jayatilleke to the mission in Geneva was in the campaign against the LTTE’s diplomatic war against the State. Once the international forces, that wished to see the State crumbling down in the face of LTTE terror, realized that they cannot beat up the Rajapaksha administration to kow tow to their demands tied at one end to billions of dollars worth aid, switched their modus operandi into pressurizing the State on various other fronts on a global level. Thus, Sri Lanka saw the human misery industry coming out of their usual slumber and attacking the State while safeguarding the LTTE’s crimes against humanity. We saw how the pro-LTTE lobby played every card they had with them to force a UN resolution against Sri Lanka putting forward bogus reports published by the entities in the caliber of HRW and AI and the likes. We saw how the Elam lobby worked 24/7 behind the screens to misguide the UN to issue strategically vicious statements against the State while conveniently covering and ignoring the fact that it is a ruthless and designated terrorist out fit that the Sri Lankan State is waging war against.

Every such act that was meticulously planned by the International forces was done with one objective in mind; to equate the Sri Lankan state’s fight against the terrorist LTTE to that of genocide against the Tamils and bringing in a UN sponsored mission in to the island, thereby paving way for the international puppet masters to put in place the requirements for effective separation of the country. These attempts were springing up like mushrooms in bloom and Sri Lanka witnessed some highly professional and diplomatic approaches being put forward in Geneva by the Team headed by the Ambassador, Mr. Jayatilleke. Sri Lanka could afford to successfully wage the decisive war against the LTTE not only because we had competent and dedicated military masterminds of all time, but also because that the collective efforts of the likes of Mr. Jayatilleke’s Team ensured that our vicious critics were answered and silenced in style, neutralizing the malicious attempts that were on the move to dislodge our military thrust against the LTTE. Our UN mission headed by Mr. Jayatilleke was able to win the trust of crucial friends in the assembly and cultivate goodwill and friendship thereby putting up an effective buffer against the forces that were lining up behind each other to denigrate Sri Lanka and save the tigers. We could see just how effective and crucial Mr. Jayatilleke’s contributions were by visiting various blogs on the internet, which discussed the Sri Lankan situation round the clock. The bloggers who represented the Elam concept and were lobbying for the LTTE had nothing but contempt towards Mr. Jayatilleke and his work at the UN. They knew how important a person he was and what a key role he was performing to deny the pro-LTTE lobby a free run at the UN affiliated forums.

Mr Jayatilleke’s eloquent and versatile knowledge of contemporary world politics and world affairs in many a field has given Sri Lanka the rare opportunity to defend itself against the world super powers and getting its act together in cultivating friends among the world players who would actually help us in desperate times rather than those “friends” who would only offer lip service and look away when it matters most. At a time when most of our foreign service personnel are doing nothing substantial for the prospects of the country but are only helping their own interests while enjoying the various perks they get, Mr. Jayatilleke has proved many a time his mettle in fighting the world forces to safeguard the pride and sovereignty of his nation and its right to fight the LTTE to a decisive finish. He has been not afraid to take on those who try to vilify his country and propagate malicious lies against this nation and he has proved to our diplomatic enemies that he is a force to reckon with. Most of all, the pro-LTTE lobby has grown to know that in Mr. Jayatilleke, they have more than a match that they would love to see the back of sooner than later. Therefore, it is in our hands to do the right thing at this moment of no return.

The question is if Sri Lanka has realized it at all. If we have not, it is high time that we did. We are a besieged nation that is not only fighting a ruthless terrorist organization but are fighting malicious international lobby with tentacles reaching the far corners of the world and in the home front. We would do better to shed our political differences and ideals and recognize how best to go forward at this crucial time when the LTTE terrorism is breathing its last on its deathbed. When we should focus ourselves beyond petty differences for the national good, praise should go where it deserves. Most importantly, we should not buckle under pressure and lose our best men and women who are doing a yeoman service to the country to the best of their ability. We should think ahead as a nation that craves to go forward and for new heights, not a nation that is digging its own grave taking the wrong decision at the wrong time due to petty political gain.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
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I learned my lesson.

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