Another TamilNet lie exposed

(April 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The TamilNet, LTTE’s news constructor made a serious faux pas in its daily report of lies; call it a howler.

Wriggling daily like a miserable worm it has been trying to tell its readers that it is the Armed Forces that are engaged in capturing the civilians held hostage by the Tigers and marching towards the LTTE FDLs as their shields.

This is what the director of Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Peace Secretariat S. Puleedevan told TamilNet today Tuesday. In his own words: “The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has started to move on two fronts at Valaignar-madam and at Maaththa'lan using a section of the civilians who were caught by the SLA on Monday as human shields.”

When asked how the SLA was advancing, Mr. Puleedevan said the Sri Lankan military has forced hundreds of civilians to walk through LTTE defence line at gun point and was moving its troops under the cover of the civilians.

"These are serious war crimes and the Sri Lankan government and the head of the armed forces are directly responsible for this carnage."

But another report in the TamilNet same day said: “Dr. Siva Manoharan had refused to flee as he was focused on serving the civilians as casualties were mounting due to indiscriminate shelling by the SLA.”

And now the question is if the Armed Forces were capturing the civilians as human shields for themselves why did they ask Dr Siva Manoharan to flee?

As the Armed Forces opened up escape routes, they ordered the civilians to flee and in one day nearly 40,000 of them had fled.

Are there people in the Tamil Diaspora still believing the utter rot and rubbish they are being heaped on by TamilNet supported by the richest Tamil community in California for whom playing with rabid terrorism is a game.

In medical science those who opt for situations which cause terrible suffering and death and become addicted to these are said to have symptoms of necrophilia. Terror boy Prabhakaran could be a victim of it.

Since most of the supporters of TamilNet are doctors who are living up well, perhaps they get their kicks, joys and sexual thrills from whatever that causes horrendous death and suffering. Anyway, anyone supporting the TamilNet lie machine cannot be normal human beings.
-Sri Lanka Guardian