Arrival on global stage: Tiger Terror International

By Satchi Sithananthan from Frankfurt

(April 05, Frankfurt, Sri Lanka Guardian) A peaceful Melbourne rally demanding the civilians held as human shield by the LTTE in Wanni be freed Saturday April 4, was attacked by a group of Tiger Tamils of Australia who arrived in vehicles flying the Roaring Tiger flag hailing the arrival of Tiger Terror International now that their dreams to set up a Tiger-Mafia state in Sri Lanka has come to grief. Unless countries where the Tiger menace has taken roots are determined to nip this in the bud, this smuggler mafia can develop into a terrible cancer.

Now that the LTTE, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, whether some people like it or not is a virtually closed book with only the epilogue to be written, the question is being asked as to what next for this terror group. Most people tend to focus this question on Sri Lanka and some seem to believe that the LTTE will become a guerilla group operating on the island causing what it is only capable, and that is death and desolation. The tendency is to treat the LTTE as a political entity propagating the Eelam cause.

Under cover of championing the Tamil Eelam cause, the way LTTE wanted such a state to be, this group coming from the traditions of the Valvettiturai smuggling enterprise has created a worldwide network engaged in arms running, drugs, alien smuggling, money laundering, contraband trade, counterfeit currency, credit card fraud and numerous other activities.

The LTTE may not have a land footing like Sicily for being a mafia state in the South Asian waters but many little acres in various parts of the world have become possible land-based centres for this smuggler fraternity. Norway is a likely country that may accommodate the remnants of the LTTE in one of their northern most islands. The Norwegians will do well to watch the movements and activities of the Tiger chum, Erik Solheim.

Canada in particular must watch how the Tamil media operates and the poison it spits out on the Tamil community. The Canadian Multicultural Radio – CMR – claims that the Tamils in Canada are urging them to promote the interests of the LTTE and also organize functions to raise funds for them.

The Tamil media from the tabloids to radio and TV in countries where Tamils have founded new homes have been extremely pro-LTTE and have over two decades brainwashed the community to accept the Tigers as their sole representatives even outside Sri Lanka. They have even canvassed such support from parliamentarians of these countries.

The Tigers, mostly without the Tamil Diaspora understanding the dangers to which they have exposed themselves become deeply rooted in the community; Tamils overseas have in some way or other become dependent on them. The pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora have placed the LTTE at an elevated place in their estimation and for which there cannot be any justification.

Tiger adulation goes beyond the bounds of the citizenship obligations the Tamils have opted for in their new homelands. However, now that the LTTE is an almost finished factor in Sri Lanka, it will take off to the next stage and look for total adherence to the Diaspora community. There will be many takers for various reasons.

Significantly Tamilnet dated March 31, 2009, has brought to surface Selvaraja Pathmanathan claimed as the LTTE Plenipotentiary for International Affairs as the new leader of the LTTE on the global stage. He is wanted by Interpol and several global crime-fighting organizations. Now that Prabhakaran’s dream has been shattered and destroyed completely, it is time for Pathmanathan alias KP to take over and maintain the global network.

A new element in the Tiger armory is bound to be the role of being hired killers on the international stage since there is a lot of fortune involved in it. It would be something like the professional soldier of fortune but on a much higher level supported by its international underworld network.

From the type of arms that the LTTE was able to amass in Wanni and even terror technology they had opted for, what the Tigers are capable of on the international stage is utterly frightening. All these have been possible because a 1983-time warped Tamil Diaspora was determined to take revenge on the Sinhalese people for the anti-Tamil riots that marked a period of terrible misfortunate for Sri Lanka in respect of race relations and discrimination.

There is hardly any doubt that the LTTE and the UNP Sinhalese co-authored the 1983 riots in order to prolong the life of the Junius Richard Jayawardene Government. The honeymoon between the UNP and the LTTE during the days of the IPKF is a proof of it. This was foundational later to Wanni being carved out for Tiger habitation.

A quarter century has gone past since that time and good signs of racial amity has surfaced now. It is only the LTTE that has kept alive the racial tension but strangely, the Tamils prefer to live along with the Sinhalese in peace rather than under the LTTE. The Tamil Diaspora could have played a great role in promoting racial amity in Sri Lanka but instead became the supporters of a terrorist movement that has proved harmful to the Tamils.

As a matter of fact an unbelievable human catastrophe may be on the cards of this brutal organization. If their demand for ceasefire fails and fail to accept the inevitable and surrender, they may go out with a major tragedy exposing the civilians.

It may just be too late for the Tamil Diaspora to realize and recant their support to the LTTE. This organization will soon become an international Soldiers of Fortune contraption, using ruthless terror as their weapon. This would mean the Tamil Diaspora will be marked as the global pariahs who promoted this kind of terror.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
jean-pierre said...

Thank you for this excellent analysis. As a Tamil living in the suburbs of Colombo, I have wondered what all these Gajendrakumar Ponnambalams, Pauls, Satyendrans and other rich Tamils are doing out there in foreign countries, funding terror on sri lanka - and we Tamils living here in SL bear the brunt of the wrath of the populace and the restrictions put in place by the government. I think the government has a right to take a hard look at some of the lodges in Wellawatta. But now, if this writer is correct, the same type of strictures will be visited upon the diaspora Tamils by those host governments. Even the word "Tamil" will become a bad word-
God forbid.