A good gesture but bad reception

By Nacholibre

(April 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The GOSL declared a unilateral ceasefire for two days amidst the peak of festivities in the New Year season. That is good. The world needs to see that even if ceasefires are declared, LTTE is not a humane enough to let the civilians go free. The squinted sections of the international community thinks that GOSL need to give the terrorist LTTE another chance to rise from the ashes, so they want the GOSL to declare ceasefires amidst impending defeat of the terrorists. These notorious sections of the IC are so infamous for bailing out the LTTE in desperate times. Thus, Sri Lanka had to prove a point. It declared a ceasefire for two full days, which drew praise from many quarters including the UN chief, religious leaders like Dalai Lama and other world leaders.

If the LTTE was genuine, they could have released all the civilians within those two days. They did not. It could be that nobody thought that the LTTE would have done otherwise too. Yet what is important is that the sudden move by the GOSL to declare a ceasefire amply proved to the world that the LTTE are not genuine. Come to think of it, they had never been genuine. They were and are plain terrorists. They killed civilians in the down South areas and sniped a soldier within the ceasefire. More than that, they did not allow the civilians to go free.

Now should be the end of the ceasefires. The squinted sections of the pro-LTTE international community will try to manipulate the GOSL into extending the current ceasefire to let the LTTE terrorists more breathing space to plan out their next phase of survival. The GOSL should not allow that by complying. All previous governments screwed it up by playing to the tune of the LTTE and declaring ceasefires. But this government has come a long way to fall into that hole at this crucial juncture. It was not wrong to declare these two days as a ceasefire but it should end at that. The SL security forces should be ordered to start civilian rescue operations from midtinght tonight (14th April) without any delay or trying to extend the ceasefire hoping the LTTE would release the civilians. They never will. These two days are enough to show that reality to the wide world.

The interval is over. We have an unfinished business. LTTE hunting should begin until we finish it for good from this island.
-Sri Lanka Guardian