WPC Poll: the rub of the green

By A.A.M.Nizam

(April 29, Matara, Sri Lanka Guardian) The massive endorsement of the President’s exemplary leadership and the need to continue with the military operation to eliminate the three decades of terrorist scourge given by the patriotic masses of the Western Province inflicted a colossal setback to the conspiracies of traitors and the international bullies. Other than the idiots in the Colombo urban areas for whom the vote is a precious commodity for sale, the elements hoodwinked with despicable communal passions, the stubborn faction digressing from patriotic aspirations, and the vanishing species of the reactionary fogeys who resent the emancipation of common man, the patriotic people of the Western Province have shed all their petty differences to give a mammoth historic victory to the government and thereby sink the treacherous terrorist sympathetic and western puppet UNP to its historic low polling record, shattering the myth that the western province masses do not endorse the military operations, and the western province is a stronghold of the reactionary UNP.

The immense victory outstripped the feats of the other provinces where elections were held earlier. The results indicate the western province masses have rallied round the ideals of Mahindana Chintanaya and buried the western slavish, terrorist appeasing, Thuppahi cultured Kollupiti Chintanaya of the despicable treacherous UNP.

Statements made by key elements of the UNP and the communalists, certain events and moves made in the neighbouring India and Western countries on the run-up to the polls and on the eve of the elections, and the pre-planned agitations by TamilNadu idiotic clowns including Karunanidhi’s fasting episode, the visit planned by three obtuse Foreign Ministers of the West, vouch to the fact that there was a massive conspiracy to force the government to stop military operations and thereby rescue the entrapped terrorist leadership. These traitors expected to allow the terrorists to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat if the elections results happened to be somewhat weaker than the other provinces, by interpreting such an outcome as a rejection of government’s policy against the terrorists.

Instead of hailing the brilliant rescue operation launched by our forces to free the Northern masses and its success which even the powerful armies of the world failed to achieve in Rwanda, Bosnia, Dharfur, Iraq and Afghanistan, the opposition groups made every attempt to phantomise petty issues related to the operation and agitate the so-called international bullies to intervene in whatever way possible and infer it as an unprecedented human tragedy.

The master traitor who undemocratically and forcibly hold the leadership of the UNP and his cronies indulged in all sorts of mud-slinging and character assassinations against His Excellency the President and the military leadership and even descended to the rank of a “Comedy Star” by attempting to drag the President for a jovial debate in an air-conditioned hotel room at a time when the President was completely involved with the task of arranging the urgent needs of the masses fleeing from the terrorist jaws. Sri Lanka is indeed unfortunate to have a despicable opposition leader who even at a time of a disaster show no mercy to the sufferings of the masses and thinks only of political gains and toppling of a populist government even by betraying the nation to foreign rogues and enemy forces.

Despite combined efforts of the treacherous UNP, the despicable communalist SLMC and the terrorist proxy Mano Ganeshan gang aided and assisted by the JVP, the patriotic masses have stood unshaken from Kochchikade in the North to Bentota in the South to pay their sincere gratitude to the President and the heroic armed forces for relieving them from the horror of uncertainty to their life that prevailed throughout the province due to terrorist bomb blasts that had been a common feature for the last three decades.

A comparative analysis of votes in the Colombo District with votes polled in the 2005 Presidential Election indicate that there is a remarkable migration of votes from the UNP to the Alliance which had resulted in the UNP losing the Dehiwela, Kolonnawa and Kotte electorates won in the Presidential Election and a massive reduction of majority in the five electorates which UNP managed to retain. For instance the Colombo Central electorate was won by the UNP in the Presidential Election with a majority of 58,513 votes. However, in this election it had managed to win this electorate only with a majority of 19,909 votes. This itself shows the plight of the treacherous UNP in the heart of Colombo which they claim as their bastion.

Although President Rajapakse won all the electorates in the Kalutara District in the Presidential Election of 2005, Beruwela was won with a slim majority of mere 42 votes and Bulathsinhala was won with a majority of 3,300 votes. With the massive change in this election the Alliance has won the Beruwela electorate with a majority of 24,727 votes reducing the UNP voter percentage to 22.49 and Bulathsinhala with a majority of 22,348 reducing the UNP voter percentage to 23.93. Obviously no elaboration is required about the magnitude of the victory in other electorates in the Kalutara District.

In the Gampaha District, President Rajapakse lost the electorates of Negombo and Wattala by 16,569 and 9,538 votes in the Presidential Election of 2005. In this election, these two electorates have been won by the Alliance with majorities amounting to 14,652 and 13,810 votes thereby indicating a massive migration from UNP to the Alliance. Other than Negombo, Wattala and Ja-Ela, the UNP voter percentage in all other electorates have been reduced to less than 29% with the biggest reduction in the Attanagalla electorate amounting to only 18.02%.

The plight of the JVP is only pathetic. Their seat position has been reduced from 23 in the last Council to only 3 members in the Council elected. Despite the islandwide massive propaganda campaign over the carcass of a slain activist, they could not win even more than one seat in the Gampaha District in which the shooting incident was reported to have occurred. They could not even indirectly help the UNP as it happened in the 2006 Local Government Elections since the number of votes polled for them remained insignificant in almost all electorates.

The results clearly indicate that the masses admire and value the bold and firm leadership of His Excellency the President and their only anticipation is to free this nation from the scourge of terrorism that plagued this country for the last three decades. The three years of Rajapakse Presidency has stimulated the patriotic zeal in the masses and has successfully aroused their passion to dedicate themselves for the task of nation building devoid of parochialism.

The UNP should at least learn a lesson from this massive defeat and cease all its genuflecting activities to please the Thuppahi westerners, betrayal of the nation to foreign rogues, attempting to ridicule our heroic forces and extending overt and covert assistance to the terrorists at the instigation of terrorist proxies within the party, if it is to rise again. Will there be another leadership crisis soon within this Westernophile Elitist political party? Let’s wait to see the next episode of the “Comedy Star”.
-Sri Lanka Guardian