Child soldiers in the Wanni; child protesters in Toronto

By Jacinta Cruz with files from Siva Sunderam in Toronto

(May 12, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) There are quite a few things beyond comprehension. Repeatedly children and infants are being used by the pro-LTTE demonstrators in Toronto and Ottawa and even to stand in the centre of major heartways of the city and making a nuisance of themselves.

They have been demonstrating not for anything else but to prevent the wiping out of the terror menace in Sri Lanka aware this is inevitable. If the issue is the danger facing civilians held as human shield by the LTTE in the Wanni, the demonstrators should have championed their cause and demanded from the LTTE to let then go free.

In fact, the demonstrators are still hopeful that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces would attack what is left of the LTTE now in hiding behind the civilians so much so hundreds of civilians will perish in the onslaught and then they will charge the Government of Sri Lanka with genocide.

On the other hand the LTTE cowards have become so jittery and certainly disappointed that the Armed Forces have shown a great deal of restraint, they are firing at their own people whom they have held prisoners for their own protection. This has been a Tiger pattern to use the civilians as a shield.Foreign technicians may be hiding with the Tigers

But even more shocking may be the possibility that there may be some foreign experts hiding with the Tigers who have come as volunteers and helped the LTTE with the expertise they needed in construction, destruction and communication technology and only a ceasefire would enable them to escape unseen and unknown. If their presence becomes known it could embarrass certain countries and even some international organizations.

As for the protests in Canada how on earth is it possible to allow children and infants to be involved in these demonstrations? What is the Children Aid Societies doing in this respect? This certainly amounts to abuse of children but even more, initiating them into the ideals of terrorism and that in a country where the Tiger Underworld is an already established fact.

Canadian government’s omissions and commissions over the years beginning with the massive grants made to the Tamil Eelam Society and even to the World Tamil Movement nurtured and nourished LTTE interests in Canada. It has now got out of hand even to such an extent that a banned organization is able to show defiance against the laws of the land.

The irony is that virtually all the Tamils in Canada who have arrived in this country since 1983 are refugees who had fled Tiger terror in Sri Lanka. Now the very same people are demonstrating to protect them in Sri Lanka.

The fact of the matter is that there is a scary element of underworld activities in Toronto far more potential for evil than the Sicilian mafia, and Tamil young people are getting grabbed into that world and now, if the demonstrations are an indication, even kids are endangered.

How will the Government of Canada respond to this growing terror?
-Sri Lanka Guardian
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manuri said...

This is anybodies guess as the Canadain people have become tired of all these looting in the city .

since Canada has this so called human rights any one can do anything.

There were photographs with very young girls and boys at the front shoulder to shoulder with the riots police.Is the Children Aid Society sleeping right now?Their bloody rules are for parents who try to discipline their children but these terror groups have endangered the lives of children by throwing them in to a an express way Gardiner to prove a cause that is not there.

What kind of pepole are they?The whole tamil community has become black listed by now.Every one is getting angry and with rage for this.Many people I talked to during my lunch hour expressed their disgust it is high time that these tamil organizations realize that they can not fool all the people all the time.

samantha said...

Absolutely true.Child solders, child protesters.
Thease protesters bear LTTE flags and sometimes photos of Prabakaran.This clearly indicates that they are protesting for nothing but a ceasefire to protect LTTE.If they are genuinely for the civilians trapped shoud not have those.Instead should protest againt Prabakaran for keeping them forcefully.
Canada government should stop this LTTE protest.
Now they are threating Soniya Ghandhi for not doing anything to save Prabakharan.She has cancelled number of election rallies because LTTE threats.They killed a French policeman a week back.

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