Misfired “ Great Game” of the Norwegian foreign office ?(UD)

“Some of the main blunders were the attempts on the lives of Secretary of Defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Army Chief General Sarath Fonseka and the Pakistani Ambassdor misfired. UD found it a daunting task to buy over these enemies of LTTE.”

By Mahinda Weerasinghe

(June 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) From hindsight, 1999 year was an ill-fated one for Lanka. That’s when; the Norwegian Dy. Foreign Minister Vidar Helgersen surfaced in Colombo, and offered Norway’s unstinted support to the natives, so they can resolve their problems. The 24th January 1999 issue of ‘The Sunday Observer’ relayed his joyful massage to the dense Lankans.(External Link)

Even if the locals had an inkling of their real intentions, they would have rejected help from these ‘Norwegians bearing gifts’. But the inhabitants were naive and unworldly at that stage, to grasp UD’s ulterior designs. During the interregnum of the so called ‘peace facilitation’, no ‘peace or stability’ was to be found in the Island, but a cycle of suicide bombings and assassinations.

Natives discovered soon enough that UD was working to a specific ‘game plan’ and was striving to get the Island invaded and made redundant. But Sri Lanka had true friends also, such as China and Russia; hence averted being dismantled. Due to their abysmal ignorance and lack of insight, Lankans paid an enormous price in men and resources for three decades. Lessons small democratic nations should learn in order to avoid such mine fields.(External link)

(Strangely the information of the conspiracy to establish an Eelam in Sri Lanka comes to us by a round about route. One Stephen Long of Los Angeles writes that ‘An exclusive private meeting that was held in the early 1980’s in Sacramento, California, has recently come to my attention. This gathering of approximately five hundred wealthy, influential Tamil expatriates from around the world charted the course for the LTTE, and developed a strategic plan for using it as a vehicle for establishing a Tamil homeland.’ Unluckily for Lankans that the ‘By proximity and by opportunity, they focused on Sri Lanka as the place where they felt they had their best chance to fulfil their nationalist ambitions.’ Even of more insidious, ‘Religion played its part in this decision as well. The Catholic Church had long been the religion of many of the Jaffna Tamils, and a large percentage of the priesthood was made up of men of Tamil origin. This elite group in Sacramento knew they could get support from this ecclesiastical organization if they promised some sort of reciprocity as part of their end game.’ On the contrary I suspect that, Jaffna Tamil Catholics must have been the initiators of this game plan. Indeed by hindsight 1983 debacle also has been an extended part of the plan.)(External link)

Origins of UDs covert involvement harks back to the early eighties. Tamil Catholic Church (synonymous with LTTE) and a coterie of Christian members in the Størtinget with a few top UD bureaucrats had come together and hit upon a plan for the dismemberment of Sri Lanka in order to create a homeland for the Tamils. (External link)

The common Norwegians were never consulted or informed of their real intentions, but instead propagated that there was an ethnic conflict in the Island. Norsk media abiding by such a covert policy was whipping up antipathy against the Sinhalese majority in order to legitimise anticipated UD operations. (Obviously, if the Sinhalese had done to the Tamils, what Norway’s Christians did to its Sami minority, the Sinhalese would not be in its present predicament!

Initially LTTE and its UD partner manipulated Sri Lanka’s big brother India, and used it as a ‘cats paw’ in order to get an ‘Eelam’ the ‘easy way’.)

Indeed the 1987 intervention by India in order to halt the Sri Lankan army’s attempt at eradicating LTTE terrorism in the Island, worked like a charm. I remember the episode well; the Indian invasion and occupation of the North of the Island was met with rapturous jubilation by the Norwegian news media, for they were certain that, Tamil Eelam was sure to follow.
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But the jubilation was short lived, for within a short interval India had sunk into a quagmire of its own seeking. Soon these liberators were doing battle with the ones they have come to save and protect, and dying in the process. Why did Indian peace keeping forces do an about turn, just three months into the invasion? Indeed terror bosses Velupillai Prabhakaran like most Jaffna Tamil Catholics, were of the opinion that, Indians were even inferior to the Sinhalese. Jaffna Tamils don’t mingle with the Indian Tamil plantation workers in the Island, for they do not wish to be contaminate their racial purity and wish to remain unadulterated. Rajiv Gandhi and his foreign office advisers neglected their basic homework, as to LTTE’s racist mental make up.

The humiliating defeat taught India a lesson, what the LTTE racist terror war was all about. On the other hand, LTTE’s victory over the 6th largest army in the world, made Prabhakaran’s head even more swollen. Curiously, once jubilant Norsk media were studiously silent when the once saviours of LTTE were backtracking. Now I wonder why!
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Subsequent to the Indian debacle, the LTTE began bleeding the Sri Lankan nation seriously. This was part of the softening up process according to the ‘game plan’. Concurrently, propaganda machines in Norway has gone into an over drive, disparaging the unsuspecting ‘Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists’ for UD was conditioning the public for the next phrase of the operation. Bizarrely enough, while all this in effect UD was masquerading as a friend of Lanka, and providing it with aid. (In fact we realise this aid providing was a vital part of the plan to keep a hold on the corrupt politicians.)

(Simultaneously they have bought journalists, media personnel, bureaucrats and politicians in Lanka. These fifth column elements were covertly working to chip away at the very foundations of the Lankan state, thus destabilising it from within.)
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Throughout 90 ties and up to the present, Norwegian public heard the ‘sound of one hand clapping’. Sri Lankan representative were never called upon to respond to the ‘cooked up’ allegations or any Sinhalese were included in their debates to counter the LTTE propaganda, which they sustained to this day.
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Vital part of the ‘game plan’ called for the murderous terror organisation LTTE to be equated and positioned in par with the democratically elected government. For LTTE needed legitimacy, respectability and global recognition. UD exploited the Norwegian nation’s good reputation in this connection, and marketed LTTE as a ‘none’ terror organisation’ in contrast to the Al Qaida, which was a ‘terrorist’ terror organisation. (An external link)

So the timing of Helgesen’s historical moment to land in Colombo was impeccable, in many ways than one.

The murder of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE terrorist was fast fading from memory.

Occupying the presidential chair in Sri Lanka was Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge .( She was rotten to the core. Surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes men’ who were not second to her, in dumbness. Her regime was infiltrated by LTTE supporters and appeasers. While the strategically important bureaucrats have been bought and paid for by the UD. How un-presidential Chandrika was, can be summed up by a simple litmus test. For any appointment, the Queen kept those met up for the appointment, cooling their heels for at least three hours.)

(Then that once upon a time gun runner of Jaffna, Jon Wesborg was occupying the Ambassador’s chair in Colombo.) Through those in the know; knew, he was really the LTTE representative in the capital.(an external link)

(Also we find the biggest quisling of all time) Ranil Wickremasinghe, has taken the centre stage in Sri Lanka, as its incumbent Prime Minister. (How can I so blatantly declare that he was a bigger Quisling than the original Norwegian name sake? Through a simple specification. Hitler appointed Quisling as he had occupied Norway, where as Ranil came to power through the will of the people who he totally betrayed. There is no better way to define this man’s incapability, then to quote that colourful definition by his nemesis, Wimal Weerawansa, “Ranil” he uttered in a very public meeting, “is incapable of getting anything done; just ask his wife!!” The public hooted with laughter for they knew exactly what was implied.)

Then the man who wanted good Christian values implanted in the Norwegian psyche, Kjell Magne Bondevik, has somehow crept into the Prime Minister slot in Norway. He kept to those values when he invited the head of the LTTE suicide bombers V. Balakumar for a state visit to Norway. On 28th August 2004 the ‘Folketshus’ was choked up with the enthusiastic LTTE supporters, where this murderer lectured of the LTTE’s ‘values’ and the business of assassination. (External link)

It was quite profitable I understood. Keeping to protocol, well wishing statements of Prime Minister Bondevik, Minster Erna Solberg and Special Envoy Solheim were duly read out. (I was stupid, I must admit, for I failed to grasp what the well wishers, wished for, kill as many ‘Sinhalese Buddhist Chauvinists’ as possible?) Balakumar himself was bumped off a few days back by General Sarath Fonseka’s men; (I presume you are not keen to relay any well wishes to the good General eh, Bondevik?)

Instantaneously I grasped the direction of Helgasens thrust in the Island. I countered his propaganda ploy with a piece of my own, which I appropriately called ‘Are you ready to be taken for another ride’. For I have grasped their ‘Game plan’ and followed it up every step of the way. The Catholic action controlled English news in Lanka was UD friendly, and working in unison, hence blocked my article for some time. Finally on Sunday 18th of April 1999 I managed to get it printed in ‘The Sunday Island’ thanks to a fair minded editor. I pointed to the glaringly obvious fact there. “Owing a history of partisanship to this conflict, asking Norway to negotiate is like asking ‘a fox to mind the chicken coop’ I declared”. But Lankans were in a deep slumber and failed to grasp the subtlety of the message.

2005 saw President Mahinda Rajapaksa taking the reins of power and the time was ripe to make a Kosovo out of Sri Lanka. Then something went drastically wrong with the UD bankrolled insurgency?

Some of the main blunders were the attempts on the lives of Secretary of Defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Army Chief General Sarath Fonseka and the Pakistani Ambassdor misfired. UD found it a daunting task to buy over these enemies of LTTE.

But then the over reach of the megalomaniac Prabhakaran and his Catholic Church sponsors went even further, which even UD found difficult to legitimise. This mass murderer was not just satisfied with one third of the Island, but wanted the whole of the ‘Sinhalese Buddhist race’ brought down to their knees. For Prabakren had a huge inferiority complex. And his Catholic Church inspired holy war against the Buddhist was not sufficient; he wishes to savour the Sinhalese blood. That’s when the global society found it appropriate to list LTTE as a terror organisation.

The Indians also at long last grasped the situation. For they realised that after Sri Lanka it was going to be their turn.(An external Link)

Indeed one needs stretch ones imagination to gasp what these Christian mafia’s ulterior motives were! Was it eradication of Buddhism from the Island? The reason why, Christians such as Kjell Magne Bondevik, Arne Fjørtoft, Jon Wesborg, Vidar Helgesen, or Erik Solheim should be questioned as to whether they have pledged the Jaffna Tamil Catholic church (Synonymous with LTTE) to build a Tamil state upon the ruins of Lanka.

In this connection the part played by Wesborge should be monitored carefully. A ceasefire Agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE) came into effect on February 23rd, facilitated by the Norwegians.(An external link)

This document first signed by Ranil Wickemasinghe, then ferried by Jon Wesborg to the Vanni, where it got signed by the terror boss Velupillai Prabhakaran, has never been read except by this cycle of conspirators. Indeed the 25th July 2003 Sri Lankan Daily news discloses that ‘A close aide to the President said the secret document, as the President's Secretariat came to know it, was quite different from the proposals which were disclosed by the press, of which the Government has briefed the President.’ Which means there are two documents; one for the public consumption and one how to break up Sri Lanka?

Now Velupillai Prabhakaran fell in battle last may, and be sure he destroyed his copy. Ranil will not show his copy as Sri Lankans will be incensed by his betrayal. That leaves UD, the repository of all wheeling and dealing. I propose that Wesborg, should print his copy so the public be able to acknowledge his achievements. After all a fate the Sri Lanka nation may have hinged on this single document.

(Soon they will find that, this bird of terror, so lovingly fashioned by UD, will come home to roost, just as it did in USA’s case. Terror always has a strange habit of blowing back!) And Norsk folk should carefully investigate how all such manipulations were executed in their name. This can be achieved only through an independent and a totally neutral international commission.

(The writer, Author of Mission to Oslo)
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The above site presents an article called ‘LTTE has so far killed 25 parliamentarians’. Funny thing about the list is, all those murdered are Hindu Tamil parliamentarians except one. And the Catholic MP was killed by the breakaway Karuna fraction.








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