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Legitimate Tamil national grievances & Tamil homeland?

"No country in the world has a pure blooded nation or race. Mankind often migrates and merges mentally and physically with the host nation. This to a certain extent enhances the biological infrastructure of a nation."

(September 17, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Within the Island Country identified as Sri Lanka the rhetoric about “Tamil grievances”, “Tamil homeland struggle”, “Tamil aspirations”, “Tamil language”, “Tamil rights”, “political solution for Tamils”, “Tamil devolution”, “Tamil national citizenship”, “13th Amendment for Tamil nationality”, are about total Tamilization. This heap of words are justifications of a Tamil country.

Hence, is SL the Tamil national country? Or is there a separate Tamil country within SL? Every country is owned and upheld by a single sovereign “nation”. Nation are the indigenous people with their common language and culture, who also built the civilization. These indigenous people firstly identified as a race. People on earth are known to be of different races. For various reasons, some people of these races migrated to foreign lands leaving their indigenous abode and merged with races of new pastures. Later, these races evolved into nations and the lands became countries. Hence, most countries were formed with the birth of nations.

Sri Lanka nation & Country?

If SL is the Tamil country it must bear the Tamil name. If not who are the SL nation? As discussed earlier a nation lived with its common language and culture. But no nation, language and culture called SL in existence anywhere. The Nation of SL are its indigenous Hela people whose name corrupted later to Sinhela. The tiny island of the highly ancient Hela Nation is named as S.Lanka. The Hela Nation at length suffered torture and massacres from barbarous land robbers and terrorists. The name Lanka is an artificial name coined by foreigners to Heladiva (island of Helas). In addition, Hela was corrupted to Sin+Hela= Sinhela and Sinhala.

All these national violations committed against the Hela Nation, could have been corrected after 1948 independence from the then British land robbers and terrorists, if they did not hand over the country purposely to an anti-national clique. By naming Lanka a trap was set up for the non indigenous Tamil minority of Tamil Nadu national origin to push for an attempt to make Heladiva a second Tamil Nadu and genocide of the Hela Nation, with the collusion of 70 million Tamil kin from Tamil Nadu.

Justifiable place for Tamil national rights

If there is a nation called Tamil in this world, their motherland within this tiny Heladiva? There cannot be two nations in one country. For some reason, if the Tamil motherland is within Heladiva, then their demand for separation must be given today. The blatantly self-evident fact that Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) as the 70 million indigenous Tamil country is situated within the Indian subcontinent. This is direct proof that Heladiva is the Island Country of the Hela Nation. Below is the undisputable geographical fact:-

14 million Hela Nation is small but the Hela island is a sovereign country. Although, the Tamil national country is Tamil Nadu with vast 70 million Tamil nation, it is only the Tamil Federal State within the Indian subcontinent. Over 30 million more Tamils are settled in many host countries of the world including Heladiva. Altogether, a massive world population of over 100 million Tamils cannot gain independence for their country is their legitimate grievance, hence, Tamil Nadu is their Tamil homeland and nowhere else.

Global Tamil conspiracy

Earlier attempts to free Tamil Nadu failed and the Tamil leadership realised their inability to confront the Indian subcontinent government, so they initiated their kin settled in Malaysia to demand a Tamil homeland there but it was nipped in the bud by Malaysia. During this time Tamil leadership heard from their Tamil kin in then Ceylon was run by pro-Tamil rulers and the going was good and ripe for Tamil national demands. Since then, the global Tamil strategy is first to capture the Island Country, and secondly to link with Tamil Nadu for total independence.

Invasion by migration

Since independence in 1948, as most rulers had Tamil ancestral links, they set up the “Lanka” plot and began dishing out alien-national rights to non indigenous minorities, which no national country in the world has prescribed. In broad day light our Hela National rights were continued to be violated but as the rulers had Sinhala names, no one suspected them. As foreign Tamil nationalism started thriving, Hela Nation got downtrodden into another community and majority sans Nationhood. North and eastern areas of Heladiva were Tamilized in violation of the Hela National Sovereignty. Sovereign Hela areas and villages were swamped and the people of Hela nation were massacred by a foreign national Tamil minority. What so far happened was worse than terror but an undercover invasion and genocide against the tiny Hela Nation.

Our Hela nationality faced the barbaric threat of foreign Dravida and Tamilians over a long period. This constant crime of land robbing and terror still does not allow us to raise our head as the NATION we are in our indigenous national motherland. These uncouth elements are now on a shameless world campaign of fraud attempting to show the crimes against us by converting into a right. Tamil country of Tamil Nadu situated north of our head is a constant menace that we should be in readiness at all times.

Justice for the Hela Nation

Over 1,000 years unrefined Dravida stock has obstructed in enjoying our fundamental human right of living our national world and indigenous heritage as a separate nation of the world. The first step for our national resurgence is to spread the trampled seed of wholesome national awareness to germinate national goodwill. This gain and joy will moisten the nation with ever flowing fountain of justice. This will cure the destructive cancer of egoism, to enhance our inviolable national sovereignty to sit on its due throne and live in national self esteem to walk tall in the world among rest of the nations.

Identify the enemies

1) Those known as black-whites straining to become Westerners, nullifying own natural identity, slaves to money who even sell the country and live only to consume.

2) Past misfortune forced into religions thus shut off from wisdom and mind building, derailed from one’s natural culture and civilisation to become traitors.

3) Addicted to party politics as if its heritage and never waver even if nation & country perish.

4) Caught up in the vicious circle of money economics, morals out of the window, will sadly resort to anything for sheer survival.

5) Hell-bent on money greed, ready for any crime or treason, appearing respectable in high positions but barbaric to the core.

6) SL-Tamil communal cliques will continue threats until we uphold our national sovereignty.

7) Those intermarried with non indigenous minorities and affiliated with them shifted loyalties against the Hela Nation and culture.

No Tamil national rights within National Heladiva

A non indigenous minority who have their country of national origin elsewhere but settled in a host national country, become common national citizens of the host nation. As non indigenous minority Tamils’ national origin is Tamil Nadu but have now become Heladiva citizens, they too are common citizens of the Hela nation. Their indigenous Tamilness is ONLY their private matter and should not be any threat to the host nation, given them permanent abode. If Tamil national citizenship is required the only choice they have is to return to Tamil Nadu. Tamils as an entity always tried to grab our tiny sovereign national Island Country demonstrating total lack of scruples and human refinement. The Tamil communal cliques brainwashed their docile community to the notion that Tamil homeland is Heladiva while Tamil Nadu is glaring over as the Tamil country. Let us examine the malicious nature of this Tamil attitude. As the Dravida culture is grossly bloodthirsty and exploitative its product cannot be different. Highly ancient Hela nation evolved with refined humanity in harmony with nature, who built a unique hydro civilisation along with human hospitality. The benevolent attitude of the Hela people was perceived by the Tamils as folly as they knew no better with their said upbringing. Until we realise the Tamil psyche and respond to them in the medium they understand – we cannot expect peace. Throughout the pages of history non interfering non intruding Hela nation, we tolerated much external forces but when reached beyond limits we always had the strength to perform defence exercises against injustice.

Forward path of Hela Nationality

Power divides into two forms good power and bad power. Today world is dominated by bad power.Westerner and global Tamil entity are after the blood of our tiny nation. Their vision is conspiracy and exploitation. We need to understand this and maintain strength in upholding our national sovereignty in governance. Enhance economy, uphold law and order, remove corruption and march inclusive of all minorities as unitary Hela citizens.

Mass migration threatens world’s national diversity

No country in the world has a pure blooded nation or race. Mankind often migrates and merges mentally and physically with the host nation. This to a certain extent enhances the biological infrastructure of a nation. But if this mixing exceeds the apparent limits – that nation can disintegrate and the country is vulnerable to invasion. The natural heritage of nation, country, culture and the national world of each country offers richness of diversity to the fabric of world heritage, which is at stake due to mass migration. Heladiva and Britain are near casualties to this disturbing eventuality. It is the proportion of settler non indigenous minorities has exceeded its safe limit. However, we are tabooed to discuss these in the open at our peril.

The attempted Tamil invasive terror and genocide against the Hela nation was the impact of mass migration of Tamils from Tamil Nadu national origin to Heladiva. About 50 Muslim countries arisen in the world due to mass Muslim migration, as many of these countries belonged to other nations but suffered invasion by migration. To become angered or threaten minorities is not the solution but face with wisdom and strategy. For our individual and common sustenance, upholding our national sovereignty with the strictest defence strategies is paramount for our survival. First step is to network the dispersed Hela nation by bringing national goodwill to the fore. One important step is to refrain from marital contracts with minorities. If this happens by chance, every effort should be made to Helanise the minority partners.

Those have already intermarried should by common decency learn to accept the Island Country is Hela Country and accept the Hela nationality. Similarly, if we settle in a host country, it is our refined humanity we should merge with the host nation and practise our foreign culture only in private without threatening the host nation. This is a contribution to world peace and that mind has more power than genes.


As we are a small nation, to sustain, defend the island, progress, we need to muster power. This requests the dispersed Hela National Family to network in cohesion. As our differing opinions is a set back to this exercise, we can make a practical attempt for all to agree to a few common factors as an example below. This can help us pool our power, in spite of individual uniqueness and opinions:-

1) The Island Country identified as SL is the national Hela country of Heladiva.

2) Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) is the Tamil national country.

3) Like in other host countries, the non indigenous Hela-Tamils are entitled to human rights and Hela National Citizenship rights. Any demand for “Tamil national rights”, they have to return to Tamil Nadu.

Final decision is - Is it justifiable for Hela-Tamils and other minorities in Heladiva, who already have their national countries to merge with the Hela national Sovereignty? Or, is it justifiable for more foreign national rights and us to be vulnerable to invasion and extinction?

Authors of the Article: Anura Senenviratna, Dr MB Ranatunga, Asanka Haradasa, Sumith Silva, Sapumal Watteaarachchige, Ira Mediwake, Ranjith Wijetunge, Dhanapala Godagangdeni.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


Senthil said...

Hi Friend,

I am a Tamilian.I love teachings of Buddha.But whatever which is happening in your country after the independence is purely Barbaric.You have to accept the fact.You cannot hide by saying the meaning of hella or the origin of tamil's.

you reap what you sow !

Nathan said...

Dear Friend,

Dont you know that once upon a time ceylon and india are one country and ceylon part is beloongs to tamil nadu and a shallow water then devided ceylon. Dont you know that both tamils and singhalese both came from different part of india, poor fellow, please go and move with the people from the west, do not move only with asians, they are mostly killers. Please remember those more than 100 thousand tamils killed by your government, i am sure there only one bhudist religion,preach the same thing. i am sure you are not a christian, they are normally very modern, not babaric.

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