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Bishop of Colombo urges impartial probe into Bambalapitiya incident

(October 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Bishop of Colombo Rt Revd Duleep de Chickera on Friday urged the Inspector General of Police and other concerned authorities to conduct an immediate and impartial probe into the incident at Bambalapitiya where a mentally unsound man was beaten by a policeman and several others and drowned as a result.

He also urged the IGP to ensure that all those responsible are arrested and dealt with according to the Law.

“There have been several recent incidents of violence where the Police have reportedly been held responsible, it need to be investigated whether Police personnel were involved in this incident as well. Public confidence in our law enforcement authorities must be maintained under all circumstances; otherwise the country can quickly descend into a state of lawlessness,” the Bishop said in an news release.

“Our law enforcement authorities are trained to handle situations like this and it is beyond understanding why a crime of this nature, and by a person reportedly of unsound mind, had to end in violent death in broad daylight, “ it added.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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Panini Edirisinhe said...

Does Bishop Chickera as Chairman of the S. Thomas' Board of Governors respect even the most sensible regulations.

Why hasn't his illegal appointment of an unqualified Headmaster caused more outrage?

Because it is in remote Gurutalawa.

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