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Minister Douglas’s gravy train rolling in Europe

(October 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Following the military defeat of the LTTE on the 18th of May, competition for supremacy for control of the Tamil politics is going through a new phase.

Minister Douglas Devananda is said to be strenuously working to fill the vacuum created with the demise of LTTE leadership. Backed by enormous financial resources provided by the government and income generated from many covert unaccounted government backed clandestine business operations, including money laundering deals, he is in the recruitment process to get the Tamils on to his side.

Having taken control of the Jaffna Municipality in the meagre voting by the Tamils recently, he is using it as his base to run his gravy train.

Douglas Devananda’s agents in Europe are going around approaching prominent members of the Tamil community to join him. Financial offers and positions are offered in the Jaffna Municipal Council. Few who were in the fringes of Tamil politics in the diaspora has taken on his offers and have gone to Jaffna to act in various capacities.

Positions are offered even if someone is not willing to go to Jaffna. Pure interactions with Douglas Devananda from overseas are rewarded with positions and titles.

Douglas Devananda’s sources confirmed that he is already started working to select individuals for the forthcoming parliamentary elections to be held in March or April 2010. The former LTTE activist Miss Ankayatkanni Selvarajah, known as Dancing Queen on her return to London following recent local government election campaign work in Jaffna for Douglas’s EPDP has confirmed to her friends that Minister Douglas Devananda will reserved a seat for her to become an MP.

In another development, sources in South London said Ankayatkanni is facing pressures from the Tamils there. When she went on shopping on a high street, she was said to have been spat at and hostile comments were made by some Tamil customers to the extent of calling her a traitor.

Further information filtering through government sources confirms that President Mahinda Rajapakse had harsh words with Douglas Devananda for the poor performance in the recent Jaffna Municipal elections. The President is also maintaining some distance with Douglas since then after telling him that he is expecting outstanding performances in any future elections in the North.

Douglas is said be preoccupied in Jaffna leaving the ministerial duties to his subordinates in Colombo.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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nadesan said...

It can be Douglas or anybody else. But we don't want our politics in Sri lanka funded and planned by foreign residents, be they Tamil, Sinhala or Norweigian. We Tamils, living here in SL should determine our future. That some body was spat upon or not in London orm Chennai is of no importance.
You expaT Tamils, leave us alone.

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