Terrorist Fronts in Canada

By Malkanthi Munasinha

How the LTTE operates:

(March 22, Ottawa, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Canadian Humanitarian Appeal for the Relief of Tamils (HART) is another front organization of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE). The LTTE was defeated in Sri Lanka in May 2009 and the LTTE is trying to revive by establishing such innocuous sounding fronts. To gain legitimacy HART was able to get space in the Toronto Star on March 11, 2010 in a story titled "Ship Bound Tamil Refugees." The LTTE is always masquerading through front, cover and sympathetic groups such as Global Tamil Forum led by Nediyawan in Oslo, Tamil Rehabilitation Organization led by Reggie in the UK and Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations led by Victor Rajakulendran in Australia. Many of the LTTE fronts and operatives are cited in http://dh-web.org/place.names/posts/post-ltte.html.

Since the ban of the LTTE in Canada in 2006 and the defeat of the LTTE in Sri Lanka, those who secretly funded terrorism in Sri Lanka and overseas now aim to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka. The Tamil Tigers would stop at nothing to get what they want. They will use deception and fraud. Operating through front, cover and sympathetic organisations, LTTE has paid and recruited many professionals including Canadians, Americans, Europeans and Australians. For example, Bruce Fein, a US lawyer is appearing for the LTTE and Bruce Haigh, a former Australian diplomat is working as LTTE's chief propagandist.

Most Ruthless Group:

No country has lost so many leaders to terrorism as Sri Lanka. They included President Ranasinghe Premadasa. the ruling President of Sri Lanka. Other leaders who were Tamils but opposed the LTTE agenda, the Foreign Minister Lakshman kadiragama, the Opposition Leader of the TULF (Tamil United Liberation Front) Mr. A. Amirthalingam, the Mayor of Jaffna Mr. Durraiappah, Minister. Jayaraj Fernandopullai . The LTTE also killed Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. The LTTE website http://www.haltgenocide.org/ does not refer to any of these killings - the LTTE website dos not show the use of child soldiers, who were being dragged from homes before their parents, to be used as suicide bombers!The web site shows a completely different aspect. The real truth is, after the LTTE was defeated, North and East of Sri Lanka, which was a battle ground before, is now calm and people live peacefully without any trouble.

Unfortunately, the LTTE is still active in Canada, US UK and EU countries. After years of raising funds, human smuggling, and other methods that was used, to raise funds and carry out their war in Sri Lanka, now they are at a loss, with their leader V. Prabhakaran dead. Since their protests last year in Gardiner Highway, and in front of the Parliament Hill, the LTTE didn't get the sympathy they wanted from the Canadian public, and also in UK. Towards the end of the protests, the public became aware of the truth that the LTTE controlled segments of the Tamils Diaspora are only lying to the public, when the real truth was, that it was the Sri Lankan Government that rescued the 290,000 Tamils who were kept as human shields by the LTTE leader Prabakaran. And when the Tamils fled from their grasp, into the Sri Lankan army, the world saw the truth on the news, the public everywhere became aware of the truth. Even 11,500 LTTE members and leaders surrendered to the government and today they are undergoing rehabilitation.

LTTE Supporters:

The LTTE plans to gain notoriety by falsely claiming genocide to gain sympathy from the countries they live in. Everyone is aware that the LTTE was the only group in Sri Lanka that killed non Tamils. The LTTE engaged in deliberate targeting of civilians. The LTTE achieved nothing for the Tamilsexcept misery. Yet the LTTE leaders in Canada operating under the banner of the Canadian Tamil Congress and HART do not want to give up their dreams of the separate state of Ealam in northeastern Sri Lanka. They will stop at nothing to get that! They have successfully duped Liberals who live in Greater Toronto Areas, namely Hon. Maria Minna, Hon. Bob Rae, Mr. Derek Lee, and Mr. Karygyannis. The LTTE has offered them votes and campaign funds to speak for the LTTE.

Today, after the defeat of the LTTE in May of 2009, the Tamils live peacefully in Sri Lanka. In addition to Tamils living in the north and the east, Tamils also live in the southern and the western parts of Sri Lanka peacefully. These Canadian leaders must not contribute to the revival of the LTTE. The Canadian public should not get duped by such LTTE fronts. The Canadian government should investigate Canadian politicians that suport the LTTE in return for donations and votes and should prosecute LTTE fronts such as HART.

( The writer, Former president of the Sri Lanka Canada Association of Ottawa (98-00) )