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Time to blend nationalism & Democratic socialism in Nepal

by Dirgha Raj Prasai

(July 25, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) In the context of Nepal, King Mahendra used to say– the irresponsible leaders of party divide not only the people but also the nation. So, King Mahendra implemented the Partyless system and had protected Nepal from foreign interference by maintaining a balance India and China. But some Pancha leaders misused this balancing act and after 29 years, in 1990 the congress and communists could agitate for multi-party democracy with the backing of the foreigners. Whatever happened, it was good that multi-party was established. But the congress, UML and the corrupt Panchas destroyed the democratic norms and values, looted the country and invited foreign interference.

The Maoists were born because of the miss-management and miss-governance of the congress and UML. That resulted in the killing of more than 15,000 people including police and army, tens of thousand others were injured and maimed and billions of rupees worth of physical infrastructure were destroyed. After 10 years of this mayhem, the Maoists sided with the same congress and UML they had fought and hanging signed the 12-point agreement (22nd Nov. 2005). The agitation was stalled after the reinstatement of the parliament in a staged drama of reaching an agreement with the King. After reinstatement of the parliament they scrapped the King’s powers and made the Prime Minister who had taken oath from the King as head of state. The Interim Constitution was declared on the basis of secular state, republic and on ethnic lines. The Interim Constitution that walked the unconstitutional path by stepping over constitutionalism was in itself handicapped. The declaration of republic on 28 May was unconstitutional. This was a treacherous step of the Congress, UML and Maoists.

Nepalese cannot remain safe and protected by displacing monarchy that has remained the protector of the people and the main stem of Nepalese sovereignty. Former prime minister (1959-60) B.P Koirala, (founder of Nepali-Congress Democratic Party) after his return from exile (India) in 1977 had said-'Monarchy was needed, not just to the Nepali Congress but to all, those who want this country safe and protected. He did not mean the ruler should be cruel. Everyone should be united and this was his policy of reconciliation' But Girija, (former PM) BP's own brother is breaking up the country by advocating republic. B.P. used to say that it was anti-national and treachery to incite and instigate the ethnic groups, Madhesis, Pahadis, Limbus, Rais and others to weaken the country. This was exactly what Girija has done. The country has fallen into danger because of the unholy alliance of the congress, UML and the Maoists. All the parties, the congress, UML, Maoists,Madeshi and RPP are besieged by opportunist leaders. The constitution assembly election was a grand design of India to destroy this country. It is a matter of joke that the deceitful CA and the 601 puppet members of CA do not do any good for Nepalese politics.

It is nothing but a paradox that they wanted to make a new constitution from the constituent assembly when they could have gained everything they wanted by amending the constitution of 1990. All sector of the country has become restive and chaotic after the Pandora's Box of constitution assembly was opened. Even after hundreds of people killed and hundreds of other injured and maimed and Terai befalling into flame of ethnic, sectarian and communal disturbances and physical infrastructure worth billions destroyed the Girija-led government did not want to take any responsibility. Those lost than a dozen Madhesis who are bent on splitting the Terai from the country are none other than agents of RAW, who have done nothing for the Terai. The nationalist people of Terai once should find and punish these Quislings.

The formation of Nepal is a collective effort of its monarchs and the people. Monarchy King is the safeguard of Nepalese people. Mahendra would not have dared to take the step of 1961 if the country had not fallen into a deep crisis. 49 years ago, King Mahendra had sacrificed himself to save the country. After the King took over power in 1961 he started so many reforms like- He banned foreigners from buying land and property in Nepal, Indian soldiers that were positioned here on the pretext of protecting Nepal were removed with any condition, Nepalese currency were made compulsory in transaction instead of Indian currency, the construction of East-West Highway was started when before that Nepalese had to use Indian route to reach from one district of Nepal to another. Nepalese language was restarted the official language and was made compulsory in curriculum. More than 50 industries were established. Land reform programmed was implemented and the civil code outlawed all kinds of discriminations and untouchables. Why the Congress & Communists are forgetting the contributions of King Mahendra? I think they have no answer.

A Swiss geologist and scholar, Toni Hagen first came in 1950 as a member of the Swiss Mission for Development Aid. His first job was to conduct Nepal's first geological survey. About the reality of the Nepalese politics and the intention of King Mahendra he said- 'I call back December 1960 when King Mahendra staged the royal coup. I never agreed with King Mahendra this step. On the other hand, I would say looking back into the history that King Mahendra was a very great personality. It is mainly for his merit that Nepal survived as an independent country between two big neighbors. He was very clever and handled the dedicate issues.' 25 Nov.1992- Weekly newspaper- The Independent'

After 2008, the Maoist-led government was in regime, Maoists failed in their commitment but, they became confused in their political activities. In the name of transforming the country into 'New Nepal' Maoists are trying to destroy Nepalese culture and traditions. Some Maoist leaders are pleading people-republic (One-party communist dictatorship) and some are democratic republic. The Nepalese people launched many political movements but the condition of the people is not satisfactory. There are extra judicial killings, abductions; threats and extortion continue to hit the commoners. The Maoist govt. has not provided security to the people. Now, all the party and leaders have failed in their commitment. Although, the frailer element, aimlessly, are fighting for prime minister. They are not serious for nation building. So, the condition of Nepal is danger. In such condition, Why India, UN & America (Pleader of Democracy & Human rights) are silence?

King Mahendra and Congress leader B.P. Koirala have become history and we should be able to evaluate history without prejudices and biases. Now, King Mahendra's party-less Panchayat system and BP's recklessness policy have become obsolete. However, it is not mandatory we should be able to blend King Mahendra's nationalism and BP's democratic socialism to strengthen parliamentary democracy with the monarch. If the Maoists really want to save the country and make it prosperous, they must take a constructive path, reinstating the monarchy and work along with the king.

PoliticalAnalyst Pushpa Raj Pradhan, editor –People's Review, 22 July 2010, writes-Nepal, during the monarchical rule, although declared a Hindu state, was a country having religious harmony. Of course, Muslims had been residing here from the past 240 years, although, the Christians mercenaries were not allowed by King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, as he saw a threat from the Christians. On the other hand, he brought Muslims from Vanarasi, his wife’s home, to manufacture guns and other explosives in his great mission of establishing a modern Nepal. Muslims were given land and also given safe shelter as King Prithivi Narayan, through the support of Muslims, founded the present modern Nepal. History records that Christian mercenaries had tried to enter into Nepal as well, but the kings during that time never allowed them to enter Nepal. In his Wisdom of Words, King Prithivi Narayan Shah has clearly stated, “Firangi (Christians) should not be allowed to enter Nepal as they will destroy our culture and identity”.

Former Prime Minister Marichman Singh Shrestha said that during the 1989 movement, the Christian community, especially Catholics, had spent a huge amount of money by provoking Buddhists. And the Buddhist followers were unaware that the very Buddhist people, Tamang, Gurung, among others, were being converted into Christians.MM Shrestha said, there is a strong hand of Christians behind declaring Nepal as a secular state and also kicking out the institution of monarchy. The Christians believed that as being a Hindu monarch, the king in Nepal will not allow Christianity to flourish in Nepal. They supported the Maoist as they believed that the Maoists didn’t believe in religion. In fact, the Indians failed to understand the grand design of the Christians to declare Nepal as a secular state and to dethrone the institute of monarchy. After the ousting of the institute of monarchy, the country has been passing through a vulnerable stage.

The monarchy was taken as a symbol of unity among the people.The reality is that the Nepalese people including Indian Hindus are and fell protected only when there will be monarchial identity in Nepal. The monarchy was pivotal in integrating Nepal, establishing democratic and just society at par with the modern world. So, the monarchy must be reinstated for strengthen of peace, security and democracy in this zone. To mediate for consensus among the party leaders and people there would be the acceptance and restoration of benevolent and people-oriented monarchy only this option will open the doors for political resolution in Nepal.

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