'A dark day for democracy': General Fonseka

(September 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The DNA Member of Parliament and former chief of the army, General Sarath Fonseka addressing a news conference regarding the 18th amendment a short while ago said 'it's a dark day for democracy".He said that seven members of his party will be voting against the 18th amendment today.

"This legislation is the last nail in the coffin of democracy", he said referring to the amendments.

The MP added that the DNA will continue its struggle on behalf of the people even though it has only seven members.

He added that it is regrettable that the main opposition party is not clear in its position on the constitutional amendment.

There are several opposition MPs who have crossed over due to personal gains", he alleged.

Fonseka said he too had been approached by intermediaries of the President who have urged him to ask the President for a pardon but said he would never do that.