A Vote for 18 Amendment is Vote to Strangulate Liberty


(September 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Even the former commander of the armed forces is learning that only freedom left for his family came from the Green Card

The man who gave 40 best years of his life to fight for his country and who even led the armed forces through a bitter war is learning that even for his family, like to many thousand others who had to flee their country, even the last bit of freedom left is a Green Card or a Visa which allows from their families to live outside Sri Lanka. Inside, there are only jails or even worse death, is all that the motherland offers.

The central character of Sri Lanka has become the absence of justice.

Courts exists but they cannot prevent injustice. In fact they have to rubber stamp injustice and deprivation of liberty.

Only way out is to find another country to live. That does not come easily.

That this country with out justice, has decided to go one more step down the path of tyranny by removing one of the universally recognized protections against dictatorship, that is the setting time limit to the power of the head of the state. 18 Amendment will fuether limit the possibility of justice, for Sarath Fonseka and all independently thinking Sri Lankans.

When the members of parliament raise their hands to support this amendment, what they are in fact doing is to strangulate the possibility of freedom and liberty within their mother land.