How the West deals with their “enemies” ?

:killing them without trial

| by Shenali Waduge

(October 22, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Three sons of the Arab world are no more. All three were one time “friends” of the West, two were in fact former CIA agents. Of the 3 only Osama was declared a “terrorist” while Saddam & Gaddafi were “dictators”. Whatever the West referred to them – they were enemies of the West – they faced their fate because they dared to go against the West. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden & now Muammar Gaddafi died unarmed after being captured alive not resisting & holed up underground for safety from the very people they had once trusted. Least described the three were no doubt eccentric enigmas & while handfuls of natives may rejoice at their demise time will reveal just how worse off their countries will be without them.

How the West got rid of Saddam

Lets not forget that Iraq has been under sanctions since 1990 – that have cost the lives of over 1million people. But, pre-Saddam was definitely far better than post-Saddam & Iraqi people are beginning to realize their folly a little too late. Incidentally it took 7 months to capture Saddam while it took 8 months to capture Gaddafi. Both leaders possessed USD750,000 when captured. The capture of Osama almost a decade after his attack on America ironically suited the West for in 10 years they have managed to bag nations on the excuse of a war on terror!

The capture of Osama was no less sensational than that of Saddam & Gaddafi. The question that the West avoids answering is the legality of killing Saddam, Osama &Gaddafi?
It was on the pretext of Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction that US & Coalition forces invaded Iraq. The Iraqi people were promised liberation from Saddam & freedom in the western context. Saddam was caught hiding in a hole close to his home town of Tikrit. His tooth was forcibly removed to check his DNA. He faced a farcical trial & was hung. For the people that celebrated the death & end of Saddam life was supposed to be hunky dory – unfortunately that became an anticlimax. Slowly they are beginning to realize that life under Saddam was afterall far better. There was drinking water, electricity ….today while electronic devices are rampant there is no electricity & water is scarce as the West have not repaired any of the infrastructure that they destroyed accept cater to their needs only. There are militants everywhere – all armed & killing each other watched by coalition forces that do nothing to protect the civilians. The Iraqi Liberation Council have almost all fled the country & most live in foreign nations as rewards for their role in getting rid of Saddam.

To get rid of Saddam the West has killed over 1m Iraqi people & injured, wounded & physically handicapped thousands more including coalition forces who are today mentally suffering as a result of obeying orders to kill innocent civilians. Saddam was captured in December 2003. What is interesting to note is how Saddam could have grown such a long beard in just 7 months! Saddam’s court trial in 2004 was not broadcast live – so much for media freedom. His lawyers had been denied access & had even received death threats. Saddam’s next appearance was a year later with pictures disclosed of Saddam in underpants. These & other pictures were given by US military to humiliate a one time powerful leader. Another example of how the West have contravened Saddam’s right as a prisoner & violated the Geneva Convention.

A thing or two that the world need to be reminded is that Saddam was placed in power by the US. Saddam was the US ally in the Middle East. It was the US who baited Saddam to invade Kuwait to justify the US invasion of Iraq. Yet, there remains doubts whether the captured Saddam is actually Saddam Hussein & whether the real Saddam has been set free & now living in Belarus! Strangely enough the execution was timed with US elections similar to Gaddafi’s capture which will definitely have Obama’s rating skyrocket!

Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that Saddam’s folly came in thinking Iraq belonged to him & his family & much of the dissent amongst the people was a result of the manner that his sons & family were running the country & this is an important lesson for all other leaders of the world to take note of. In contrast, Gaddafi certainly gave the people of Libya not choosing to distribute the wealth amongst his family alone but his folly was to think that Libya was his. The people of Libya will soon regret their inappreciation for Gaddafi’s type of leadership because soon the people of Libya will end up having to pay for every service they take & all of the free services given by Gaddafi will be things of the past. Giving up all the free services for “freedom” that the West promises is going to cost Libyans who will see their country nosedive into extreme poverty & end up a nation with armed rebels soon fighting each other for supremacy with the west choosing to supply arms to keep chaos alive so that they can remain long enough to “restore peace” which they will delay until they rid the country of its wealth like they are doing to Iraq, Afghanistan & to all the other nations that are earmarked to be targeted starting with Syria, Iran & next will be Asia.

The malpractices & follies of leaders that the West abhors have supplied the excuses for foreign intervention to use as sufficient grounds that the people of these countries need to be freed. This is a good lesson for Asian leaders in particular to be watchful of. With Middle East & Africa now in possession of the West it is only a matter of time that Asia will become the next target & the West will not need many excuses to rally people to go against Asian Governments even if they are elected ones!

How the West got rid of Osama

In the case of Osama bin Laden – he was not a leader of a country but he was certainly a leader able to tap the Muslim world & channel rage against the West. Coincidentally, he too was once an agent of the West & until his death he & the Bush family were partners in several continental businesses. Osama’s organization was the Al Qaeda – many wonder whether it was organized with US approval since Al Qaeda has helped the US secure nations globally on the pretext of “war on terrorism”! Al Qaeda has become such an invisible network that makes it easier for the West to attack nations.

The capture of Osama was no less sensational than that of Saddam & Gaddafi. The question that the West avoids answering is the legality of killing Saddam, Osama & Gaddafi?

US special forces entered a compound in Pakistan on 1 May 2011 & killed an unarmed Osama bin Laden an operation watched by the US President & Secretary of State. Under both US & international law killing an unarmed person without resistance is illegal more importantly US laws prohibits “political assassinations” & it was on foreign soil where Pakistan was totally unaware that US forces were about to kill Osama. Watching the murder takes place gives a whole new dimension to political assassinations. Where was congressional authorization to attack on foreign soil? Osama should have been brought before an international tribunal & questioned on his orders to kill – but supposing he denies all allegations, supposing he gives out dirty secrets that would embarrass foreign governments, supposing he was just following higher orders – undoubtedly, we can well understand why it was necessary for the US to get rid of Osama knowing his previous connections to the US.

Similarly, the decision to attack Libya was a decision made without any aggression shown by Libya. As such NATO has no right according to its Charter to attack unless attacked. It is wrong for an American President to initiate an attack on a nation that does not threaten it. It is despicable to give orders to destroy that country’s entire civilian infrastructure as has been done in Yugoslavia, Iraq & now Libya.

Gaddafi was seen dragged & humiliated & shot dead – that is not how a one time leader should have been treated. If US & NATO & even the NTC or rebels accuse Gaddafi – he should have faced an international trial & he should have been questioned – isn’t that the way the West tells the rest of the world to do things?

It is shameful for the UN to agree to pass resolutions against nations that justifies the presence of US & NATO troops & continued bombing campaigns that not only kills thousands but destroys the nation’s cultural heritage & ruins the environment & economy as well. This is setting a dangerous precedent & is threatening the sovereignty of nations &  it must stop.

The West is ever to boast of “gentlemanly politics” & ever ready to accuse Asia, Africa & Middle East of flouting human rights, fundamental rights & what not. All of the conflicts that have taken place during the past few decades have been as a result of covert operations contrived by the West in a gameplan that is meant to economically disrupt nations, draw them into purchasing arms & ammunition from the West, become slaves to loans that ends up committing generations to repay those loans & facilitating the presence of foreign nations in an excuse to usher peace, rebuilding & reconstruction. This is the farce that exists & this is the farce that must stop.

No foreign leader today has any moral right to be waving accusing fingers at any of the leaders of Africa, Middle East or Asia – it is they who have brought these nations to such despicable levels. The “dictators’ & “terrorists” that the West refer to were all one time agents of the West & it is an eyeopener for all other agents of the West that they are likely to face the same fate. They may enjoy the riches & privileges that the West may put into their secret bank accounts in return for installing western agenda but they will face the same fate of Osama, Saddam, Mubarak & now Gaddafi.

Lets view things realistically. The world was pretty much aware of the manner Saddam, Osama & Gaddafi treated those that challenged their authority. That was why we have all come to accept them as “dictators” bordering tyrants. However, how much of such traits are we aware of amongst the leaders of the West. Given the authority to carry out aerial missile attacks on unarmed civilians, approving strategic targets that are nothing but civilian infrastructure whereby knowingly killing innocent civilians, patients in hospitals & children in schools has to surely be no less evil than how dictators have treated those that defected? So where do we really draw the line? Is it ok for gentlemen in suits to carry out such acts but not others?

The irony is while the people of the West have the ability to comprehend the realities of the world they continue to be fooled by listening only to the mainstream media that fools them into thinking their leaders do not have blood on their hands for ordering the deaths of millions of innocent people in Africa, Middle East & soon Asia.