Unfolded truth about the Tamil Tigress –book written by Niromi De soyza

|  by Judy Mariampillai
( September 20, 2012, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The title of the book starts with the title “Tamil Tigress: my story as a child soldier in Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war by Niromi de Soyza “ which was initially published by the Australian publisher Allen and Unwin in 2011.This book sounds quite intriguing as it is difficult to find an insider’s account .After reading the Tamil Tigress book and the questions raised by the leading critics who are historians and scholars, I thought it is worth to unfold the truth about the book and the author niromi De Soyza.  I am not an activist . I am a just reader who is interested in Sri Lankan affairs and related to Ajanthi ( we called her Nirmala)  who was the centre piece of the book. Here are some of the challenges raised by the scholars and historians and Niromi de Soyza yet to answer the questions. Many journalist wanted to have a face to face meeting or phone interview. De Soyza refused to answer those questions.
Niromi de Soyza(43) : The Tamil con woman writer whose fake biography yet to be completely exposed. De Soyza is a notorious liar, she lies to the extent she couldn't keep the records of her own lies. All will be revealed by our team within days.
a. False claim by Niromi de Soyza  as a Child solider
The book title started with a story of the child soldier. In fact the author Niromi De Soyza  was not a child soldier when she joined LTTE. Niromi acknowledged that her year of birth was 1969 in many interviews. In page 103 she claims her birthday is in mid June. Therefore " two days before Christmas in 1987" she was 18. Niromi was no longer a child (Under 18). It is part of the deceptive marketing.
b. Artificial image to portrayed the Author Niromi de Soyza 
From the launch of the first edition, Niromi  has been portraying her artificial image .The following facebook link  showed the actual and  artificial image. (reference 1)
c. Making up false stories to suite the audience .
During the launch of the first edition of the book in July 2011,  Niromi de Soyza spoke against the Sri Lankan Government to get the support  from  the Sri Lankan Tamils Diaspora in Australia .Her attempts were miserably failed as the majority Tamils immigrated to Australia were under skilled migrants category and they easily discerned Niromi De Soyza’s  deceptive methods.
Niromi de soyza mentioned during the  interview  with Allen &Unwin , the publisher of the Tamil Tigress book that she was proud for not associating with the Sri Lankan community . However  Niromi de soyza  failed to realise that she  landed as a student  in the Australian soil and claimed refugee status and completed her bachelors and Masters degree program under Australian taxpayer’s money.
In the recent publisher's trade exhibition in Byran bay, Niromi de Soyza demonstrated  the cyanide capsule [common practice by LTTE  suicide cadres to avoid getting into Sri Lankan army’s hand]  using her hand   with condom cover. After realising her support for the illegal boat people is not welcome by the Australian community , Niromi de Soyza is currently wearing a new cloak called “ Motivational speaker  ” . Author de Soyza often uses her crocodile tears to get the full attention of the audience in most of her  public meeting.
During the recent interview with ABC about the indefinite detention, Niromi De Soyza was promoting her own book.  
Niromi de soyza’s  first public forum was on the 19 July 2011 in AIIA NSW. The program forensically investigates allegations that up to 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed as Sri Lankan Government forces moved in to destroy the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE) . I attended the forum.
I also attended her public appearance in Melbourne along with two leading Sri Lankan academics and journalist . Sri Lankan journalist publicly challenged her about her untruthful and contradicting statements  in the book Tamil Tigress and during the radio interview . Author of Tamil tigress book  was unable to answer those allegations against her.
Niromi De Soyza  spoke about her compelling reason for her to write the book was to give voice for boat people in Australia. Niromi de Soyza is becoming unpopular about her compelling reason as Australian Government and opposition support the off shore processing for the illegal migrant. After realising the threat to her own popularity , Niromi  de soyza removed the  video clip explaining the reason for writing a book.  from her own website . 
De Soyza is using the religion to sell her book to the catholic community . She wrote her review in the catholic magazine under the title of “In 1987, 17-year old Niromi de Soyza shocked her middle-class Catholic Sri Lankan family by joining the Tamil Tigers “ .With that quota she spoke about the made up stories  among the catholic school children . 
After failure of convincing her own Tamil community in Australia, De Soyza  wanted to get into Sinhalese Australian migrant community . Melbourne is a place where most of Sinhalese speaking people live in Australia. When she presented to the Sri Lankan community, a couple of leading Sinhalese native speaking academics and a well-known economist  had confronted  Niromi de soyza  at a public meeting in Melbourne .
De Soyza claimed that she was with the LTTE group for only eight months . because of the ill treatment to her boyfriend Roshan (lover)  by the LTTE leaders and later Roshan was murdered  in India  lead her to  pour her hate feeling through one chapter. She grew up in Jaffna with her father who worked in Middle east country for the sake of money, Rejection of the society by the cast system lead her to motivate her to write a book initially and later changed her thought to make fortune out of portraying her close friend Ajanthi ( Nirmala) in her book. 
d. Deceptive promotional methods are widely used by the Author Niromi de soyza  to sell her book Tamil Tigress
Deceptive promotion of Tamil Tigress  in North America 
The review of the Tamil Tigress book  was written by Koom Kankesan  a Canadian Tamil recently exposed by the editor of the New Direction of Time .
Soon after the review was published in the  New Direction of Time   in Canada , Many readers who knew the truth commented to Koon’s review .But the reviews, which challenged the author Niromi De Soyza, were removed by the request of Koom Kankesan. Here is what Geoffrey says ” I’ve removed a certain comment at the request of Mr. Kankesan. I’ve done this not because I am taking a side in the matter. I know little about it. I like him so I’ve agreed to his request. That’s all ” . I commended Geoffrey’s openness and truthfulness. 
Untruthfulness of the Tamil Tigress author Niromi de soyza and her book not only mislead authors like Koom Kankesan  and DBS Jeyaraj , but also  lead the readers to portrait a  bad image about the  DBS and Koom Kankesan.
You can view the comments from the editor of The New direction of time under comments section   http://thenewdirectionoftime.com/2012/07/02/tamil-tigress-reviewed-by-koom-kankesan/#comments
Deceptive promotion of Tamil Tigress  in India
After the second edition , published in India ( changed the cover from Tamil girl with gun to Tamil girl wearing  sari )  Author  Niromi de Soyza wrote her own review and  published in the Indian media  under the title of " LTTE tortured and killed while fighting Indians: Ex-cadre's book
Deceptive promotion of Tamil Tigress  in Sri Lanka
Knowing the danger of the having the last chapter “Afterwards”, Niromi de Soyza  removed the chapter “Afterwards” in the second edition .
e. Why did Niromi De Soyza remove the last chapter from the first edition?
In the Last chapter  “Afterwards” ,  Niromi De Soyza  openly criticised against the government of Sri Lanka and calling for the international community ‘s involvement in Sri Lankan affair . Compelling reason for her to remove the chapter so that she can sell her book in  the local bookstores in Sri Lanka .

In the recent interview which was published in the Island (19/09/2012) , De Soyza did not talk about her favourite topics such as the human rights violation, Boat arrival and Asy
Niromi de Soyza is only concern about promotion of her book. She will go to any extend to promote a book. 
Niromi De Soyza’s  classmates from Holy Family Convent , Jaffna , Sri Lanka started to question her about the actual motive of writing the book other than making money by portraying her close friend Ajanthi who was misled by Niromi de Soyza and later joined with the LTTE and died during the fight  with the Sri Lankan army. 
 f. Niromi de Soyza’s Compelling reasons have changed with the new opportunities to sell the book
Compelling reason started with voice for Sri Lankan boat people in Australia , now voice for peace and harmony and charity  . observers predicts her might change anytime in the future to gain more popularity through the controversial stunt and hot topics in the market. 
A leading Sri Lankan historian like Prof Michael Robert, Adelaide brought the untruthfulness and her contracting statements  during the Australian Radio interview to the day light reference . However Prof Robert was biased towards to the Government of Sri Lanka and for  that reason Tamil community  did not take Prof Michael's article into account. 
After attending the public forum in Melbourne, Australia organised by Dr.Sarvananthan ( an Economist ) , Dr.Sarvananthan brought Niromi's fake identity to the day light. again Dr.Sarvananthan was against the Tamil Diaspora  because of that reason Tamil people even did not take his criticism into consideration. 
Niromi De Soyza’s  class mates from the schools she studied ( Holy Family Convent and Chundikuli Girls’ College) in Jaffna  Sri Lanka started to question Niromi de Soyza about the actual motive of writing the book other than making money by portraying her close friend Ajanthi ( Nirmala) . They could not find any other motive.
Author Niromi De Soyza should answer to the allegation brought by critics. Her continuous silence will lead to more unanswered questions.