India: I protested at Jantar Mantar today

| by  Amit Chaturvedi
Nishtha Gautam, 27, is a lecturer at Delhi's Lady Shriram College. She is at the protests at Jantar Mantar demanding tougher punishment for accused who gang-raped 23-year-old medical student in a moving bus in Delhi.
( December 29, 2012, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian)  I am shocked beyond words at the death of this girl. But this movement should not die down with her death. The issue is much beyond that. And as a woman and as a mother, I would ensure that it stays alive.
I got the message at night from a friend in Singapore that the girl is no more. I couldn't sleep after that. I came to Jantar Mantar this morning to take part in the protests. And I am here since then. I would request the media to keep the movement alive. Because women's security is integral to our security, so we should do something about it.
I would like to keep a track on all the promises that are being made to us by our leaders - that how much they've fulfilled it? I would try and ensure that a meeting takes place every month on what is being done, what steps are being taken. The government will have to do something because it's not just a women's issue, it's about a larger sense of security.
I don't believe in death sentence, it would set a bad precedent. I would like the accused to be sentenced for life. And the government should increase the conviction rate in such cases. But for the moment, I will try and keep alive this movement.
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