The great Sagar is still alive

| by Somalan Baloch

( January 31, 2013, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian)
You know the names of Dr Allah Nazar, Sahadat Khan marri, Balach Marri but have you heard of Sagar Baloch? Sagar, and the dozens more spiritual activists in Baloch national moment, are the successor to that Great War being fought in the mountains of Balochistan.

Shaheed Sagar a spiritual activists was a humanist, women-rights activists, peace workers, land reformers, and child advocates. To Sagar Baloch religion never matters, Buddhists and Catholics, Hindus and Muslims, Baha'is, Jews, and Quakers all were equal and same before him.

For Sagar, any part of Balochistan became his motherland. He continued to risk his life and limb for people he’d never met, in every part of Balochistan beset by the cruelty of colonial misrule and economic enslavement. He was at war with the Punjabi establishment and who occupied his heaven piece of land.

Thus in order to keep his dream alive he worked days and nights, he usually slept for 6 hours a day. He was always in travel.

It was always his willingness to put his life on the line to demonstrate his beliefs, which led to Sagar’s martyrdom, aged almost 25, in Quetta.

Sagar was noble in his actions, he was not, and nor did he ever want to be a known fighter or some pseudo-national icon.

Sagar was a guerilla master with the heart of a lion and excellent communication skills. His friendly behaviour, a wonderfully huge triumph of the revolutionary work, should find its way to the heart of every guerilla fighter, nestled between "Talar" and the mountains of Kolu.

Sagar renowned guerilla fighter worked with Balach for connecting the people of Dera Bugti and Kolu... No ordinary score, Sgar’s’ work and efforts mixed together in the mind of youths of Mekran which led to concrete social struggles and real politics... Sagar leaves his companion inspired to action and craving social change...

Elderly aged Baloch guerilla Muqadam said: "Sagar—hard working, master mind, and troublemaker for enemy—has lived in what the people described as "the torch of the universe" since the great death of Balach marri in 2007. After mysterious death of Balach he moved to Mekran and started selling fruits in costal town of Gwadar over the years, he has watched the city— people say after Balach’s death Sagar—pick himself up, buried his desire, and come battling back. But he was filled with a gnawing unease that Mekran's days as the most massive, chaotic, toxically contaminated as most of the people were politically immature, that the people has grown to know Pakistan as their local Country and love through a quarter of a century.

Sagar after reaching in Mekran region was accompanied into Gwadar town by non other than people belonging to marri tribe, Sado marri’ known as Sahadat khan prohibited him speaking to any person who he didn’t know and asked him to note all the persons who were keeping revolutionary ideas.

Sagar, the young boy, who helped Sado win heart of the people of Mekran then oversaw the killings and execution of hundreds of "his friends in Kolu" from the previous days, he had been in Mekran in a bid to spread the revolution.

The 25-year-old had been wounded in the right leg once and was suffering from stomach.

People alleged he and his fighters were trapped on April 2012 after a tip-off from his brother in Quetta as he forbade contacting me in those days due to my own security.

As 200 frontier corps-led troops closed in, said a friend, Sagar shouted and threw his cell phone. He said Sagar who fought for 8 years – when captured looked like a great revolutionary the world had never seen him.

A friend said said: "This man looked more like a guerilla than other days. His eyes were red.

For the first time when I met this man in a cold darkly night at picnic point; He didn't have a pair of boots, it was much cold and he was just wearing a pair of clothes, which were almost shabby. I felt sorry for that great man."

After being captured he was killed and it was carefully aimed away from his face so there would be no doubt of his identity if people denied he was dead.

Muqadam marri, who is like a father for all guerillas when head the news of Sagar’s death felt very said but did not deny it, said Punjabi establishment didn’t kill him. "Instead, they built the Sagar (Nabi Bakhsh marri) legend."

Last night the legend was still going strong in Balochistan where a crowd paid tribute at a mountainous region to Sagar.

The ailing 80 Muqadam once said, ."I am proud of this brave son of Balochistan' such guerrilla ever takes birth"

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