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The Race of the Dead

| by L.Annadoure

( March 16, 2013, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mr.Subramaniya Swamy, who is a Political mentor and bosom friend of Sri Lankan President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe, has no qualms of conscience in him. There used to be a colloquial expression which is as follows,‘ a person who after stoking up, ruffling the feelings and sentiments of others by provocative speech or mischievous statement coming to bask in such a heat of passion that emanate thereafter’. His attitude is such.

Mr.Subramaniya Swamy who, during Feb, March 2012, has been going from New Delhi to Sri Lanka and then on to USA conveying a message to Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe that his Big Brother, India has already winked at slyly and understandingly thereby conveying a message that everything would be taken care of and that Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse need not worry about anything, for the draft Resolution has been further diluted and it would not have even any flea bite effect or repercussion of whatsoever nature and that Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe is shown the green signal to continue stead fast with the works which he has undertaken for instance breaking the spirit, will power and vigour of the Tamil captives young, old and children by keeping them much against their will and volition for about four years, starving them to death, enslaving and denying them medical care and basic civic amenities and finally reducing them to dregs of a dung hill and the upkeep and management of such concentration camps has been done with the amounts contributed by the Nation which would voice vociferously and volubly of human rights.

What Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe has done thereafter? He has dispossessed the Eelam Tamils of their fertile lands and made the army to cultivate the lands to feed the soldiers in peace time with out having sent them to the barracks and while this state of affair continues to this day, their lands have not been delivered to them and amounts derived from sale of the agricultural produce has not been paid to them. Praise be to Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe for turning the soldiers into husband men, tillers and toilers of soil which belong to third parties! In common parlance, an usurpation into or some body inducting himself into the land belonging to a third party would be construed to be a rank trespasser. Tamils’ homesteads were taken possession of and not handed over to them but instead the Singhalese families which have been living elsewhere have been brought over there and given those residential places and they have also been given cultivable lands. The original owners have been dumped in snake infested jungles. What we may say of such an act? Here is a State which does confiscate the lands forcefully from the citizens who follow a different religious faith than one fostered by it and delivers the lands and dwelling places to people who follow the State fostered religious faith! The State juxtaposes Singhalese families in the Tamil concentration area for policing.

This time too we find Mr.Subramaniya swamy urging and warning the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake of the proposed resolution which would be seen as a victory of the divisive forces close to the Tamil Tigers and revive the separatist agenda of the LTTE and that USA should undertake bilateral consultations with Colombo to work out a consensus on the draft.
Mr.Subramania Swamy would claim that what he has undertaken to do unasked and uninvited is a self less service on his part, a personal initiative but whereas he would accuse party workers and the Tamil leaders in Tamil Nadu when there has been a spontaneous outburst of opposition and protest over the visit of perpetrator of Genocide Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe that theirs is a piece of work done for the amounts received from by Pakistan.

Mr.Subramaniya Swamy is a non entity so for the Tamil people are concerned and the effusion of wrathful words from him and condemnation levelled by him against the Tamils could only be compared to a prattling and slithery words that would issue from the mouth of a man heavily drunk. Mr.Subramaniya Swamy may notice the voice of college students rising all over Tamil Nadu against perpetrators of genocide committed against the Eelam Tamils and of the students’ solidarity in urging and demanding India to strive for and to move a resolution for setting up an international body to investigate into crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes committed against Eelam Tamils, not to dilute the draft and the striking student community has placed five demands before Indian Government as Martyr Mr.Deelipan who was a staunch Eeelam Tamil liberator who placed before Indian Government five demands and to enforce fulfilment of those five demands he had observed hunger strike for 12 days without taking not even a single drop of water and died a Martyr, a sacrifice and dedication of self to the cause of Tamil Eelam. Although any initiative to bring in a resolution by India is too late by now but nevertheless some days are left so as to enable it to bring an effective amendments to the draft which may be beneficial to the interest of Tamils. At present we see Mr.Subramaniya swamy acting hand in glove with India, Sri Lanka and United States of America and we see also Mr.Subramniya swamy equally joining hands with the family in New Delhi and its collaborators at the centre and the family at Chennai whenever the issues regarding Eelam Tamils arise .

Mr.Subramania Swamy has failed to see that that more then 2 lakhs of Eelam Tamils were killed in the last days of war and what Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe did was racial cleansing because the dead people did not hail from a pure race and they were Dravidians . Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe has sworn to his Gods that he would carry on and carry out what King Duttahagamini had left undone and Mr.Mahinda RajaPakshe wanted to become as greedy and naughty as King Duttahagamini himself.

Mr.Subramaniya Swamy speaks as though the mass kilings of Eelam Tamils was only a violation of human rights but he refuses to admit that what was perpetrated against the innocent EelamTamil people within the confines of a small stretch of land was only Genocide. Both Mr.Subramaniya Swamy and his friend Mr.Mahindha Rajapakshe must admit in categorical terms first that what was committed was Genocide , a racial cleansing apart from there being war crimes for having used proscribed weapons and luring the Eeelam Tamils to congregate themselves on and over the No Fire Zone.

Mr.Subramaniya Swamy should not feign ignorance of the fact that Eelam Tamils young, old and children who having been taken to concentration camps as war captives much against their will after being branded as internally displaced persons had been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment and they were kept in concentration camps nearly for four years on end and the said act on the part of Sri Lankan State is out and out an act of genocide.

Not alone Sri Lankan Government but other Nations which have had collaborated and assisted in the decimation of Eelam Tamils are equally accountable for the killings and further the Nations which have funded in keeping the Eelam Tamils in captivity are also perpetrators of Genocide and in fact the Nations, before funding the captivity program ought to have questioned the State as to why Eelam Tamils be kept captives in their own land and that too when war was declared to be over and done with. The collaborators in the genocide against Eelam Tamils must see that Eelam Tamils did not come to them for an alms and they did not ask the Nations that they be looked after. There is saying in Tamil that one who has planted a seedling will water it and nurture it.

Having deprived the captives in respect of basic civic amenities in the concentration camps and having deliberately denied them availability of medical treatment and starved them with corrupt intention was war crime which will certainly entail punishment..

Reliable information reveal that more than 20,000 LTTE and their family members had surrendered before the Army at the instance and assurance tendered by International forum and others and the Sri Lankan Government too had initially admitted that 17,500 LTTE members and their family members had surrendered before the Army but later the State had retracted from its own statement by saying that only 11,500 members had surrendered before the Army and therefore more than 9000 people were extra judiciously murdered and while being in such concentration camps, young men and women were separated and they were taken to unknown destinations where young men were tortured to death and their bodies mostly incinerated and women were tortured and gang raped and killed.

Mr.Subraminya Swany needs to be reminded that Army has already appointed a court of inquiry which has drawn up a false report concluding that the accusation of genocide, war crimes and human rights violations which are levelled against the Military are false and we do not know what Mr.Subramaniya Swamy is going to say about the report. Since the court of enquiry instituted by the Army consequent to the earlier resolution has given a false report, the ends of justice will require institution of an investigation to be done by an independent International body into the mass killings of Eelam Tamils and war crimes. Whether Mr.Subramaniya swamy likes it to be said or not the stark reality is Democracy in Sri Lanka is dead long ago. What else we may say of him? Perhaps it could be said Mr.Subramaniya Swamy would have been sumptuously and profusely paid to do the kind of service he has been doing.

Why should Mr.Subramaniya Swamy be taking so much of pains to meet Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe at this juncture when the Nations have come to realise the mistakes in having believed Mr.Mahindas Rajapakshe. When strong opposition has been mounting over Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse’s visit to Thirupathi , Mr.Subramaniya Swamy has posted a mischievous statement in a web site alleging that the Tamil Leaders have been paid by Pakistan and a suitable reply has already been given.

Mr.Subramania swamy has once again stated recently in Madurai that he alone could obtain a separate Nation for the Eelam Tamils and none else could do so. Such a statement of his need not be brushed aside as mere prattling of small child or oily speech of an inebriated man or a man who has lost his senses, for his words are meaningful and he would take efforts in the carving out separate Nation whose birth the entire Eelam Tamils aspire for and wait in anticipation. Therefore Mr.Subramaniya Swamy may use his influence with his bosom friend Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe by persuading him to take necessary steps in that regard immediately. All the Tamils world over should be very much beholden to him in his endeavour! Thank Goodness, it has dawned on Mr.Subramaniya Swamy at last that a separate Eelam is the fit and proper solution for the ethnic problem!

‘What business a fly should have at the forge of a black smith?, which is a colloquial expression meaning intrusion into an affair in regards of which one has no business. What business Mr.Subramania Swamy should have in a Defence seminar conducted by the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry in August 2012?

Fancying himself as a superior intellectual, he has read a speech in the Seminar and he has suggested that “13+ Amendment which is a package substantially adopted by Parliament should be put to further adoption of amendments to enhance or curtail the provision of the 13+ Amendment.

He is bound to state as to what he wants the Sri Lankan State to curtail from the 13th Amendment and what are the further amendments to be brought to the unimplemented 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

Mr.Subramaniya Swamy has conveniently and deliberately forgotten to see that 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution which had evolved out of the wisdom of the Members of Parliament is being kept as a dead horse to whipped up by people like him and the country like India when ever there arose an occasion to do so.

Neither Mahinda Rajapakshe nor his cohorts are least bothered about implementing the matters enumerated in the 13th Amendment to Sri Lankan Constitution and the Indian Government too knows pretty well that the 13th Amendment to the constitution is not going to be enforced at all and in fact, had the Sri Lankan Government the will to implement the amendment then it would have taken necessary steps towards consummation of the matters stated in the amendment. Mr.Subramania Swamy has suggested further that “ the resettling of Tamils in Sinhala dominated areas and Sinhalas in Tamil concentration areas, must be by the Government of Sri Lanka encouraged, by incentives and security arrangements’, which shall ultimate unity to seek.”

Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe has now clung himself to the above statement made by Mr.Subramaniya Swamy steadfast and Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe is thus settling the Sinhala families in Tamil concentration areas post haste to change the demography and he is openly committing structural genocide.

Mr.Subramania Swamy is oblivious of certain facts that here in Sri Lanka there are two distinct races speaking two different languages. So for the Tamils are concerned they are original inhabitants in the land and they are of Dravidian stock . Mr.Subramaniya Swamy needs to be reminded of The Great Chronicle - Mahavamsa which recites that while a meeting which was convened and conducted by and amongst the original inhabitants who were called Yakkshas, Vaddagas over central Sri Lanka was on Lord Buddha who had appeared, was hovering over the sky and had caused fear in those people by creating torrential of rain and storm and as a result of which the Yakkshas had requested Lord Buddha to mitigate the severity of torrential rain and lashing storm and Lord Buddha too had agreed to do so on condition that he be given a place to sit on there.

The political leaders of Eelam Tamils have time and again tried to drive home the reality that there are two founding races in Sri Lanka and one ethnic entity has become a minority in the course of time and the other ethnic entity has become a majority because of systematic decimation from time to time by the Singhalese Kings and the present Sri Lankan Rulers have decidedly determined to see that Sri Lanka is being populated wholly by the pure race of Buddhist Singhalese and thus there were systematic annihilation of Eelam Tamils in the course of time and what they did in May 2009 was a deliberate and a calculated act of racial cleansing and in this regard we have to point out to a statement made by wife of Gothabaya Rajapakshe in an interview and the said lady said with an airs that what took place was racial cleansing .

The Sri Lankan State has forgotten to realize that it is their bounden duty to protect the minority people. The attitude or the hardened mind set in extolling the greatness of Great Chronicle -Mahavamsa has caused much havoc and ravage to the Nation and the righteous people would agree that Mahavamsa speaks of exploits in battle against Tamil Kings, killing their people and predatory incursion against their land. It is there in Mahavamsa to see that the King Dutthagamini had killed 32 Tamil Kings in battles which he fought with them and murdered one third of the Tamil population as a consequence of which the blood that flowed into a huge tank later came to called Kulanthavabi which mean the said Tank remained as a cenotaph dedicated to the memory of Tamils who had been obliterated there in the battles. The said King Dutthagamini who, soon after the killing of one and half of the Tamils, was remorseful and commiserative over the death of Tamils and his heart was filled with care at what he did to the Tamil race and the cruel memories were haunting him. The Monks who found King Dutthagamini afflicted by sadness tried to assuage and mitigate the effect by saying that the Tamils who were slain in the battle was only one and a half of the human beings and the remaining one and half of the people who had sought refuge were unbelievers and evil people who were not more to be esteemed than beasts and therefore the monks had urged him to compose himself and cast away the care from him heart.

If feelings of serene joy at the killings of Tamils which incidents are replete in Maha vamsa is to be revived in the minds of people and thus perpetuated ever long then such revivification would certainly make the existing gaping chasm between the races go still deeper and it will only nurture bitterness and hatred and similarly if the emotive feelings in the minds monks is to be stoked up and ruffled as is being done at present such unmindful acts will in the end be detrimental to the interests of the nation as such.

Mr.MahindaRajapakshe dynasty wants the bitter feelings to be in existence for their survival. It is the Sri Lankan State which divides the people and stokes up feeling of hatred. History tells that how Singhalese neighbours gave protection to Tamil brethren in 1983 riots. At the end of each chapter in Maha vamsa there is a preaching of good principle and therefore Maha vamsa is meant to be didactic and not meant to be resorted to in order to incite hatred or to feel jubilant over the killings of Tamils. But Mr.Mahaindha Rajapaskshe has misunderstood the purport of Maha vamsa and he has called to the Gods that he would complete the work left undone by King Duttahagamini and thus standing true to his words and his deeds he made the Eelam Tamils to believe the words of the Army which had lured them to congregate in an area demarcated and delimited as No Fire Zone and where, when once having enticed them to come together there, he had ordered bombardment of the area with proscribed weapons and heavy artilleries. Was it not out and out an act of betrayal of trust? Whether a true professor and follower of Buddhism would do such a base deed ? That the Tamil Race should be decimated is his aspiration in the several yojana long chinttana of his because the Tamils are baser then beasts according to Mahavamsa and Mr.Mahindha Rajapaksshe must follow suit King Duttahagamini in cleansing the Tamil Race because they are unbelievers, heathens who are professing and following a different religious faith and because they are of Dravidian race and their idols and deities have to be supplanted with the statues of Buddha. It is a fact that a substantial amount has now been allocated for adding three chapters to Mahavamsa so as to expound his exploits in war with the LTTE and according to Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe the war he fought with the LTTE has no parallel in Mahavamsa and therefore he self styles himself as a peerless Ruler in having annihilated the Tamil race and having accomplished his mission.

Eighteen minutes past Eight o’ clock, on the morning of Monday the 6th of August1945 there arose a new Sunrise over Japan and every day during the last days of war in May 2009 rose several new Sunrise over Eelam land. The Japanese are of a Race of the Dead; Jews are of a Race of the Dead and similarly Tamils are the Race of the Dead! But it was farcical that Japan and Israel should immensely help Sri Lanka in annihilating Eelam Tamils and Japan has continued to collude and collaborate in keeping the Eelam Tamils in captivity. Mr.Subramaniya Swamy will answer as what is there to be reconciled when Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe is determined to decimate the rest of the EelamTamils!
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