Woman Rights & Sexual Criminality in This World

| by Dirgha Raj Prasai

( March 9, 2013, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) The world is a stage where both man and woman play their role. Along with man, woman also plays an important role in the progress of society. It is impossible to generate the world without woman. It is impossible to imagine for humanity in her absence, she is a mother, a wife, a beloved, a goddess and also a devil. Nobel peace prize winner Desmond Tutu said- 'If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women.' But to create the world as a cordial and blissfulness life style joining the hands among the men and women, there are many difficulties to move ahead. Love is the most way of wishing well each other. According to the famous psychiatrist S. Freud- 'Love is simply the want of attachment through which man obtains means of pleasure and preservation which are his fundamental needs.' But the sexuality and raping cases are the great hindrances in all over the world.

The world is changing as a monsters house where we can find only devils and criminals in the name of love. The conversation, talking, touching and seeing between the male and female is the starting of love and then will start the sexual action who takes the role of sexual crime. Human have been taking knives in their pockets for sexual criminality. Exactly-'A honey tongue a heart of Gall.' All the government sources and tools are used to achieve private ends. Even if government employees and these politicians work, they do not work without bribe. Somebody say-'The best proof of love is trust.' But, how is it? After all, it may be betrayal. Because, all the men and women use the tactic-'each cheat the other, each need the other' to fulfill their vested interest. But, the reality is that women are biased against other women. Due to these jealousies, the discrimination between men and women is becoming a never lasting problem. So, in the context of love, conversation and sexual activities, there arouses the psychological disturbance.

'No one invented sex or love, but they’ve always been one of the greatest spurs to human inventiveness. Making ourselves sexually attractive is not just a modern obsession. Our ancient ancestors were just as obsessed with inventing new ways of looking good and turning each other on as we are today. For example, Pharaoh’s slaves once went on strike because they ran out of makeup. And, fashionable Roman women used to smear themselves with gladiator sweat. And, when it comes to finding ways to improve our sex lives, our ancestors came up with a good many inventions modern man has only just rediscovered. The female condom, the pregnancy tester and use even the oral contraceptive. Believe it or not, they’re all ancient inventions.'

In the context of sexual discussion an analyst Ms. Madhuri Banerjee writes frankly- 'Girls experiment with sex and are still cautions about discussing it. They don't want to declare they aren't virgins. Sex is just an act. It's an emotional. That is very complicated emotion that is burdened with traditions, surrounded by a repressed culture and a judgmental society. Beauty and brains ranks high on the list of qualities a man looks for, sometimes even more than understanding and compassion. That's because they would be the envy of several people if they had a beautiful and intelligent wife. If men don't progress in their ideas, sexual abuse will continue. We also need stronger laws against any form of sexual harassment.' Actually, the context of sex is very complicated which is becoming as a weapon of cheating only. Male sexuality and male attitudes towards female sexuality have a great deal to tell us about social norms.

The occurrences of sexual criminality are the cause of any female avatar could display more naked skin, regardless of the aviator's body proportions. Yes! 'In the virtual world, women may be more prone to reveal skin to collect information via skin contact, or any related kind of nonverbal combination. Women have no need for sexual organs because they can clearly advertise their sex through body shape and curvature.' Ms. Smit writes-' Faithfulness is seen as important in the contest of sexual relationship and male choice.' Geographical differences have been observed between countries, and between areas inside countries.' A case is happen in Nepal that a women migrant worker returned to Nepal. She was questioned and her hand-earned wages stolen, and then she was handed over to a police constable who took her to the Guest House and eventually raped her. Many of us are silent on this issue. National human Rights mechanics and rights-based org. Trust are doing the right thing by keeping a low profile on this case.'

Ms. R.A Sharma writes-' the fact is that rape laws were never meant for women, to provide them justice or protect them. They were written keeping the men at the centre. Rape has always been seen by a patriarchal society as violation of the men folk's honor or property, instead of a crime against the victim. A woman can't be deprived of her right to protection under the law, just because of the way she dresses or behaves. The fact of the woman is out late alone, or at a party, or dressed in a certain way, does not automatically mean that she is looking for sex. A rape is a rape; there is no justification for it. It is a Mockery of criminal law system to harbors the concept of excusable or justifiable sex or rape, or to try to calibrate rape in any other way.' The reality is that It seems that the culprits were regularly Indulging in these type of crimes They were not novice whereas Police must have found out the names of other victims as well and their silence on the subject is not warranted please come out so that further crimes may be curbed

To maintain our refreshes in life, we follow the blissful human life for the sake of our prosperous future. 'A blissful human life is possible while remaining respectful of nature. Nature need not be ravaged in order to "advance" and "progress" – indeed our own evolution would be hastened without the violation of the web of interconnectivity that sustains us. There is no need for any centralized religious authority whatsoever to advance us to our ultimate potential. One may experiment and discover one’s own path using the discoveries and tools of past exemplars as guidelines. - Mutual respect among all faiths and traditions is a matter of principle in Hinduism, not a bow to “political correctness” or a grudging necessity imposed from without. It goes far beyond mere "tolerance" for others who follow different paths.'

In the context of women world, it is always the women members in the family who do all the part of the household chores. Even with increasing awareness on gender equality, we rarely find examples of wives going to office to work and husbands staying back home to cook. Women have little time for extra works or entertainment. Many women, both in the rural and urban areas, especially those belonging to the lower strata of society, often suffer from different kinds of sexual and gender-based violence. With the emergence of human rights and woman rights issues more women have started to speak up against gender-based to the complain and violence. Gender-based violence is a crime, and there is any tolerance against it. It is necessary that there should be campaigned against gender-based violence needs to be focused on educating and mobilizing women in the rural and remote areas and the government's agencies and medias can play a more effective role for the sake of women's rights and security.

To end the violence, enforcement of law for domestic violence against women is very essential in the patriarchal society. Different law for women suffering from domestic violence should be needed. So, such law has to be enforced as soon as possible. Almost, everywhere, sex hungry males are the prowl, undermining the very existence of fairer sex. It is pointed fact the sex is the main reason behind a husband's torture to his wife with a burning log. Women are the great sources to build the harmonious society. So, women are the great source of inspiration and in the work place they are more active and to accomplish their goals on time.

Sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace are also rampant, and society dictates that the women keep quiet or get out from the job. Actually, women are also responsible for the criminality. Women with wandering eye and men look female face, breast and body. The impressions of sexual faithfulness from faces have a Kernot of truth, at least of women, and that they may help people assess the quality of potential mates about whom they have monomial behavioral information. Violence against women is more common in underdevelopment countries than develop ones. Around the world, women are being abused, beaten, dragged, raped and killed. Women are waking up to beautiful mornings, performing their everyday task to getting abducted and laying down to the ugly darkness. Women can no longer leave their homes and go to work, and feel safe anymore. Most of the women are raped, brutally beaten, killed. They are usually young, and the crimes take the place either when they are coming or going to work, at an assembly factory.

Almost in Muslim society and North India, women are in refugees' position. Even a small issue can result in a break-up these days, most women are working and if they are not treated as equals, there's bound to be resentment and later a rift. Adultery and extra-marital affairs are other reasons of discord among couples. According to a marriage counselor, lack of faith, trust, suspicion, impotency and understanding are also taking a toll on marriages. The very word divorcee itself is humiliating and agonizing. The loneliness caused after the break up can be killing. The basic problem in today's world is that everybody talks of rights but no one talks about duties. How is shameful situation in human life?

Criminals are born in every society. Criminals are born and they act without fear, shame, remorse or empathy for the victims. They should be cornered, contained to save the society from these criminals. A force continuum shall be applied hoping they will change their behavior. Can we change a snake from producing poison by feeding milk and honey? A scorpion is a scorpion by nature. These bloods sucking animals and criminals love darkness will continue their behavior until their death. A few human beings through continuous and constant sadhanans and dedication may change their behavior traits. So, men and women both should be careful from the criminals. The reality is that the wolves may lose their teeth but not change their nature.

Some intellectual woman points- despite some physical distinctions, which are in fact gifts of nature, there is nothing in the world that a man can do and a woman cannot. Most of the practices evolved during the period when the society was strictly male dominated as the world is advancing toward the modern era this concept is gradually changing and becoming more practical and less discriminatory. In the western world also we can see such discrimination in sexual manner. The law has provided special rights to women; however, the desired results haven’t been accomplished yet.

We must understand the fact that disasters do not affect individuals based on his/her gender. Women are hardly involved in disaster management activities poses a hurdle in the process of gaining knowledge on the subject. As a result, women are unable to apply protective measures before, during and after the disaster. This reality clearly indicates that there is a serious need to work on a concrete plan focusing on girls and women in our society by educating and alerting them about disaster resilience.

Yes, it is necessary to end the gender discrimination should be completely abolished from all societies. Women and men must be given equal opportunities based on their aptitude, qualifications and interests. Equality does not mean the mathematical number; however, opportunity must be given on suitability, effectiveness, availability of the position and interest of an individual. Gender-based violence is a serious problem for women and girls in the society. Every day thousands of cases have been reported on this issue.

America is a nation of free sex and free arms. It has already been public that when American President Bill Clinton talked over the phone with a foreign head of state he had engaged touching the sexual secret organs of his female employees. How shameful is such activity? American President Bill Clinton had a sexual relation with Monica even though she was married. Hitler also had love with the young Eva Braun may be sexual attitude. A renowned German writer Goethe and lord Byron were also crazy about women. A nation privileging sex and arms is in itself anarchist. Its spiritualism would have already drained. America is also such a country where those not consenting to sex have become victims of rape and murder.

It has become such a nation where an emigrant woman seeks the shelter of another man for security. Japan stands next to America in being another sexual nation. There is no guarantee of security in Japan as well. Japan is the nation that after World War II was responsible for the future of thousands of Chinese women who became sex slaves. In the context of Nepal, King Pratap Malla was a rapist and although he tried penance, he could not get absolution. The Rana rulers like Juddha Shumsher were also victims of their uncontrolled sexual instincts. Free sex is not the meaning of democracy. There have been big changes in the world due to sex scandals. Lord Byron was a British poet who was very sexy man in the world. But, more than Lord Byron the great philosopher Gate was in famous to love for women. He had relationship with many women. The litterateurs and political leader BP Koirala also was sexual man whose novels pointed the story of sex. In fact, we should try to change our unconscious mind to change our sexual woeful life.

Yes! If we remove all about such evils, we should remember that the key to life is the creative 'Word'. The key to the creative word is love. The key to love understands. Fill up our hearts with these and spare our tongues the pain of many words, and save our minds the weight of creative thinking. We have changes in our life, sometimes peace and sometimes strife. So, in the name of sexuality we should be careful knowing the criminality of devils' men. It is pointable that the teen age sexuality and the pregnancy is also becoming a great problem in human society. Thus, it is necessary that the young girls should be careful for their future worries.

Whether one has a wife or not that is not the matter. In Nepal also, one in ten women suffers through different kinds of harassment. Sexual harassment is the most pervasive in the common society.

According to OUTLOOK-India has exposed about the sexual criminality in Churches also- 'The complaints are dealt with by the bishops and they influence the laity. If a woman among the laity becomes pregnant because of a priest or a bishop, they build houses or give money to them and hush it up. A life is not born in the church. When it comes to the nuns, they either makes her abort the child or she is sent out of the church. If the nun tries to take it up, then she is ostracized by society. Financial irregularities are rampant. The priest collects money in the name of reconstruction of the church. The laity who comes to church donates in good faith. But some of the priests, they never reveal the exact amount to the parishioners, they take their share and hand over the remaining to the church.'

Sex is appropriate within the bounds of which a man lives decently in a society. Sexuality must be within the bound of companionship of husband and wife. However, sex has become a reason for the pollution of the society. If a man is involved in sex excessively so as to surpass that of a dog, then such men are like criminals. Dogs have one time and a month for sexual activity but the dignity of a man is higher than that of a dog. A dog will not betray at least. Human beings are called intellectual and it is true. It is known that criminalities and looting may be the last victory of Human beings in this present world. Therefore the men who are involved in such activities should be punished to maintain the morality of the peaceful and happy society.
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