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In Bangladesh, Jammat- BNP is now in victory mood

| by Swadesh Roy

( June 28, 2013, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Before six months of national election of Bangaldesh, Jammat –e- Islami (Jammat), Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and their allies have won the four city corporation election. People of Bangladesh and the media are thinking that, this will be the trend of the voting in next parliament election. So, Jammat – BNP is now not only in joyous mood they are in victory mood. However, it was four local elections and six month is enough time for the government party to make something new, but the main victory of the Jammat – BNP is that, they got their tramp card for the next general election. Before this local government election, they were in very much hesitation that which card would play for the next election. They were in power, but their previous ruling time records are not well. The then government, the high-level leaders, and their relatives were involved in corruptions. Islamic terrorist spread like cocoon of bee that time. Most of the parties of this ally were involved in collaboration with Pakistani army during the liberation war of Bangladesh. Now some of the leaders of Jammat and BNP are facing trial accusing of war crime. The educated new generation of Bangladesh wants the trial and capital punishment of the war criminals.

In this situation, the main crisis of Jammat- BNP was what politics they would throw to the people for the next election. The educated class of Bangladesh thought that, the people of Bangladesh would not have any politics against the spirit of the freedom struggle of Bangladesh. It would not possible for Jammat- BNP to uphold the real spirit of freedom struggle. On the other hand, a populist democratic program does not fit with them, because they are rightist party. That is why there was a great achievement for them that, they have got the card in four city corporations that people have eaten more as they hope. Their card is ` religion business card’. They have successfully used it in the last four-city corporation election. So, Jammat- BNP is now much happy that they got the card for the next parliament election. On the other hand, now the government allies are in a defensive position, they are unable to take a bold stand against this type of dirty politics like religion business card, because they are afraid of religious groups yet their hard core group is the people who believe in the spirit of freedom struggle and they believe in secular politics. They also believe in religion but they never want to use it in the name of politics. However, the position of the government allies is not clear in this issue.

So, the Jammat- BNP are in victory mood, they are hoping that, government allies will not be able to organize the modern force of the country. Besides, their “development- work” will not work in the election or their “development work” will not be able to check the religion card. So, Jammat- BNP leaders are now confident that they will win the next parliament election. That is why they are now in victory mood. In spite of that, they have some difficulties, if they win the election how will they control the Hefajat Islam? This newly formed organization in Bangladesh is now a threat for any political parties of Bangladesh. Their 13 point demand is not only against the constitution of Bangladesh but also against the charter of United Nation even all type of human rights; because they are in favor of women discrimination. Besides, how will they handle the war crime trial? Most of the Jammat leaders are accused in war crime. Young generation of Bangladesh wants not only the trial but also the capital punishment for them. Despite these Hafejat and Jammat is now in the driving seat of the politics of this ally.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangaldesh he can be reached at swadeshroy@gmail.com

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