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Mahiyangana Jummah Mosque has been ransacked

| by Dr Rifai

( July 14,2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Extreme Buddhists groups have been targeting minority communities in Sri Lanka recent times. These attacks on minority communities have dramatically increased since government defeated LTTE. These attacks are perpetrated in the backdrop of defeating LTTE. One wonders why these extremist groups are targeting minority communities. What are the ulterior motives of such attacks? Do they want to see one more social mayhem and turmoil in Sri Lanka? More importantly why politicians and law enforcement agents do not take actions for these attacks? Why criminals are not punished in these cases? Why is such discriminative attitude towards minority communities? These are some of the questions that have been puzzling minds of minority communities in this country. How long minority community could maintain patience when their religious sentiments are being attacks and communal dignity is being infringed? Where are those human right communions that speak for the weak and vulnerable?

On 11/ 7/13 night Mahiyangane Arafa Jummah was attacked by some unidentified gangs in SL. This was a well planned and deliberate attack on a peaceful communal mosque and there was no any reason for such attack except mere communal and religious hatred. This month is one of holiest months for Muslims all other the world and Muslim people are generally devoting their time in night time prayers and devotion. This attack happened soon after night time prayers in the mosque. Why do these radical and extreme groups feel jealousy of other people’s devotion in their religions? These are nothing but religious jealousy and communal hatred. Some elements among Buddhist community feel that Buddhism is in the brink of extinction and for that reason they feel jealousy of other religious groups. Rather than trying to put their house in order they are doing this anti- social activities to create mayhem and upheaval among communities.

Singhalese people do not need to worry about Islamic domination or cultural invasion. Muslims are not bound to force any one into their religion and faith. Islamic teaching does not say to convert people by force or indoctrination. Today, Singhalese people should have higher level of moral than in any time Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan forces have defeated one of the ruthless terrorist organizations in the world and they have defended the sovereignty and integrity of the country. With such strong forces with them to protect them why should they worry about minority people? Why should they worry about cultural invasion rather they should take all necessary step to preserve their culture and traditions.

It is reported that pig blood was poured into mosque entrance to hurt Muslim religious feeling. It was also reported that pig meat was thrown inside the mosques to upset the sentiment of Muslims. These types of anti-social behaviour not only hurt religious feelings of Muslims in Sri-Lanka rather these deliberate attack on religious sentiments would hurt feelings of 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and they could create far research consequences in long run and it would be better that Sri-Lanka government take necessary action against all these people sooner rather than later. It would be in the greater political interest of this government to stop this as soon as possible.

I wonder what our Muslim politicians do in these circumstances. While some Tamil politicians speak on behalf of Muslim community it is peculiar that Muslim politicians feel offended when Tamil politician speak for Muslim community. I think that politicians from minority communities should work hand in hand to address the challenges and problems of minorities in Sri Lanka today. The more we are divided the more minorities will suffer in Sri Lanka at the hands of majority. This is the bitter reality today in Sri Lanka.

It seems that this is a physiological war against Muslim to bully them initially by means of intimidation and threats. These people want to instigate violence and waiting to blame Muslims for any unsocial behaviour. By the grace of Almighty Allah Muslims have been maintaining patience and endurance. Thanks to the hard works of Muslim religious leaders that we have been able to guide our youth and young generation.

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