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Minister of Justice please quit

| by Robinhood

( August 2, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) From the recent conduct and behavior of SL Muslim Congress, its leader and its members it is proven that SLMC has failed to protect the rights and dignity of the Muslims living in Sri Lanka. SLMC and its team have failed to combat the recent attacks created by the Bodubala Sena targeting the Muslim Community. More than Rauff Hakeem making spurious and defending statements against Bodubala Sena, his actions has done nothing to stop the continuous attacks targeting the Muslims.

It is regrettable to note that SLMC is trying to portray and claim a spurious opinion among the Muslims that it can abate the attacks of Bodu Bala Sena by being a coalition member with the UPFA. But the fact is that as a Justice Minister and as a representative of the Muslim Community his actions has done nothing to prevent or reduce the continuous repression of Bodu Bala against the Muslims living in Sri Lanka. The best what Rauff Hakeem can show his repugnance is to quit from UPFA alliance and show his deprecate to protect the dignity of the Muslim community living in Sri Lanka. No government in the history of Sri Lanka has attacked Muslims like the present government and no Muslim representative has ignored repression as Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem for self benefits.

By claiming a partner of UPFA Minister Rauff Hakeem by his murmuring sentences can only issue condemning statements as a Justice Minister. Minister Hakeem trying to substantiate that he can lessen the attacks of Bodu Bala by only being a coalition member, he has done nothing significant to protect the dignity, the rights of the Muslims, the attacks targeting the Muslims and the heaping hatred campaign sponsored by the regime by the help of Bodu Bala Sena. It is regrettable to note that Minister Rauff Hakeem has failed to understand this simple and basic fact. But it is clearly visible from all his previous murmuring and feeble statements that he has no strength of character as a justice minister to stop these violations and to take due action against the perpetrators charging the Muslim community.

The best way to attack the actions of Bodu Bala Sena against Muslims is to remain as a coalition partner of UPFA is a deplorable and a silly concept of Rauff Hakeem as a minister of Justice.

Though Rauff Hakeem tries to cover up the issue by pretext and flattering statements it is very clear and evident from his stammering in front of the public that he has got a great reluctance to show his repugnance to the regime fear of losing benefits and to break the obligation of his 800M hurdle. The way minister Hakeem speaking in meetings and media difficult to swallow or puke clearly indicates he has eaten and belched the forbidden fruit which is shame and disgraced to the Muslims living in Sri Lanka.

Recently a mosque in Mahiyangana came under attack by mobsters throwing flesh raw pork inside the mosque premises while the devotees were in "Tharawih prayers" during the holy month of Ramalan. Following the attack Rauff Hakeem issued statements condemning the attack and reminded the government and the Police to take necessary actions but so far nobody has been apprehended.

It appears as a Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem can only issue statements to condemn the acts and remind the police of its duties and nothing more. There are series of condemning statements murmured by Rauff Hakeem for grave atrocious done by the Bodu Bala against the Muslims in the recent past. It is disgrace of Rauff Hakeem as a Justice Minister of Sri Lanka to turn a blind eye as if nothing serious happened and to be impotent for feelings over his coat over these dastardly acts targeting the Muslims.

Robinhood strongly advice the Justice Minister to resign from his justice ministry, quit from the UPFA alliance and show his protest against these disgraceful acts of the regime persecuting the Muslims. It is surprising why a powerful justice minister like Rauff Hakeem has no capacity to stop the acts of Bodubalasena or to find the culprits who attacked the mosque without issuing statements. Robinhood informs SLMC not to involve in dissemble and gallery politics assisting the regime humiliating the Muslim community. Further Robinhood advice the minister to show some suitability for his portfolio and try to follow footsteps of statesmen's like late Sir Razik Fareed and T.B Jayah.

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