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The Weliweriya mayhem

| by Robinhood

( August 7, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Human Rights are continuously abused in SL and it is on the rise. When the regime unable to meet the simple demands of the people suppress them by deploying the military. Recently few villagers in Rathupaswala in the Weliweriya protested against the regime demanding to give fresh water as the water in the area was contaminated due to the discharge of chemicals by a nearby factory. The villagers were suffering many weeks without good water to fulfill their daily chores and sanitation. Further due to the pollution some people and children's were affected with health and hygienic problems over a period. This incident and the negligence of local authorities and politicians have caused a severe inconvenience to the villagers. When the local authorities couldn’t give a solution, the villagers came to the street and started protesting demanding good water against the local authorities blocking the main roads causing a road block.

The regime sent the police and the special task force to control the scene. When there was no solution given a heated argument has erupted between the police and the villagers and the villagers have started to attack the police with stones. In return the police special task force has mercilessly attacked the villagers and shot them using firearms. During the clash three people including a student were killed and more than 20 people were seriously wounded with gunshot injuries and severe wounds were hospitalized. Cameras of Media persons and journalists were broken and assaulted preventing covering up the incident.

This barbaric action of the regime has caused severe criticism among the people in the country disclosing who gave shooting orders to control a group of unarmed civilians engaged in a protest campaign. Following the incident it is reported still some people were missing or had not returned home. There are information's reaching that more than three people were killed during the incident and the regime is not disclosing the actual figures due to the explosion of fury of its people.

In Nov 2011 a free trade zone worker was shot dead and many workers assaulted by the army during a protest showing resentment against a private pension scheme. In February 2012 a fisherman was shot and killed and many people were attacked in Chilaw by the Police for protesting against the increase of 50% of fuel price hike. September 2012 two university students (Kelaniya and Ruhuna universities) who were organizing a protest against the university crisis were mysteriously found dead in an accident in Imbulgoda Gampaha.

It is regrettable to note a democratically elected government treats its own citizen so cruel and inhuman way. There are ways to disperse a protesting crowd by using water, tear gas and rubber bullets and deploying the police anti riot unit but deploying an armed force equipped with automatic weapons and firearms is not permissible to control a people's protest requesting a basic need.

The regime will now try to cover the incident by spreading news that there was an anti government group among the protesters who provoked the people to protest. It is the usual habit of the regime to hand over investigations to the Colombo CCD or to the CID and to the SL Human Rights Commission to fabricate the incident and to create, drop, scare and ruin witnesses. Eye witnesses of the crime are not called or undermined or witnesses threatened not to give evidence and no proper charge sheet created against the perpetrators for magisterial inquiry.

The regime will sponsor few gallery politicians like the Gnanasara Thero, Wimal Weerawansa, Rohitha Abeygunawardana, Dallas Allahapperuma and DIG like Anura Senanayaka and whitewash and vindicate the incident as an international or political conspiracy to overthrow the regime.
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